There have been emails I have ignored because they called me Jared.

There have been emails that I ignored that wanted me to review pills.

There have been emails that I ignored that wanted me to try their meal plans.

There have been emails that I have ignored that were popular, but not part of my life.

There have been emails that had good opportunities. Good opportunities I passed on.

Sometimes I sit at night and wonder what if. What if I would have responded to the bulk PR emails and made the most of it. What if I would not be so blunt on posts about giving away popsicles and just promoted it. What if I would review a book, and maybe get an interview with the author. Would I have more readers? Would I be the blogger that I wanted to be?

Nah. I would be like everyone else.

I am a sincere person. It might not come across that way sometimes, but I try to do the right thing. I do not let people hang out to dry. Although I hate excuses, although I hate certain things, I am not hurtful. I can bite if put in a corner, but when I link or help people, they have made an impact in my life. I do not do it to get a link or help in return.

I expect the same from people and companies.

About a month ago, I got a very nice letter from Anytime Fitness. If I could write about a promotion they were doing to get people back in the gym.

I said of course.

At the end, I asked if they ever needed anything from me, just let me know.

They asked if I wanted to write for their blog. I told them the only issue is my posts are a little out there.

They knew that. They read my blog.

So I did. My first post on Anytime Health came out today. The header above is going to be on every post I do. It might be the coolest header ever! For me , of course.

Sincerity goes a long way……

And I am excited to see how far it goes.

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