“Tony….after losing all of the weight and working out, I have a question. How do you look at overweight people now? Do you think they are lazy and unmotivated?”

I saw this question on an email and just stared at it.

Did the reader think my views have changed? That now I am on my soap box, better than everyone else?

When I was 420 pounds I was not lazy.

Not at all.

I worked over 65 hours a week as a chef. I traveled to other stores to help with menu items and cost issues.
I would do everything my wife asked me to do.
I played XBOX LIVE and at one point was ranked number 3 in the first WSOP game out of a couple of thousand.

I sweat more than I do now.
It took me longer to do things than it does now.
I was a little more tired than I am now.

I was not lazy! I did things. I was on the move.

I was not unmotivated.

I never said “Ah, screw it!.”

I would mess up. I would eat more than I should.I would “do it tomorrow”. I would dream about eating food and then truly think I ruined a diet. Maybe my focus was off. Maybe I was scared.

Unmotivated, I have never been that way.

I hate when people use fat, lazy and unmotivated in the same sentence, because it is not true. There are lazy people out there, some are overweight and some are thin. There are unmotivated people, some are overweight and some are thin.

But if you think about it….I am overweight. I weigh over 200 pounds, where most of you start your journey. My BMI is considered “obese”. My Mii character on my Wii is portly. If you never read my blog and I told you ” Hey, I am Tony! I am 5 foot 6 and 226 pounds.” you would think I was starting my journey.

You would not know that I work out two hours a day, or monitor what I eat or worked real hard over the last 18 months to gain muscle and went from lifting small amounts of weight to large amounts of weight.

I have never been lazy. I have always been motivated. At 420 pounds or at 198 pounds. At 350 pounds or 226 pounds.

So how do I look at overweight people. Well, technically I am one.

I do not nor will I ever think overweight people are lazy. Overweight people are not unmotivated.

Overweight people consume more calories than their bodies can burn.


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