“Agreed. ’nuff said?”

Josie commenting on The Anti-Jared and the “Big Six” -A Fairy Tale

No , Josie, it is not enough said.

Not by me.

Because at 5:57pm on Tuesday I was ashamed to be a blogger.

Sixteen hours earlier I was excited about doing a post. I rarely do posts at 2am, but there I was typing away.

Posting about something that I thought was important to me. About the way the blogging community was looked upon by the media.

But then things happened.

I posted my blog. Very few of my blogging friends wrote about it, popular ones who I wondered if they thought the same way as me.

They all knew about it. They did not mind sending a tweet here and there or commenting on other posts.They had an opinion. They decided to keep it to themselves. It was a “no win post” for them.

Then the rebuttals from the bloggers mentioned came out. Blaming Marie Claire for their article. Defending their lifestyle. Asking followers to write to the editor of the magazine.

One of the rebuttals had an introduction about the blogger, welcoming the new reader. That is when I realized this made no sense.

Not one rebuttal said that it could be possible that one person out of tens of thousands might get that point of view from their blog.

Not one.

Then the “bloggers” and commenters came out on social media sites. Writing on the Marie Claire “Facebook” page.

Bloggers wanted the author’s head on a silver platter.Pure hatred and venom came out. No one stopped them. Not one person told them what they were doing was wrong. Anyone who was opposed got destroyed.

Heck, even I was a fan for an hour. I even got the rights to “The Hunger Diaries” blogspot page.

Fitblog, a cool tweeting chat where you add #fitblog to each tweet, had time dedicated to the Marie Claire controversy.

Everyone had their opinion. Some said it, some kept it to themselves.

What were we fighting for?

Maybe I am the only one. I write like I am the only one that has a certain point of view. It fuels my blog.

I remember two years ago when I told an executive from my former employer about my weight loss. How she looked down and sarcastically said “Wow, you are an inspiration.” How, THANK GOD, I had self esteem. How that could have crushed me. How it affected the way I write.

How I got a long email from someone who hated that I said  losing weight was all or nothing. I do not remember telling YOU that. I do not remember writing that. But I can not dismiss the claim. That is what the reader got from my blog. I had to let them know it is not for them.

I have spent over 30 years defending myself. Why I am the way I am. I can not anymore. I have to look at different points of views. I am not the one that preaches, I am one that practices.

Blogging is wonderful. I enjoy it.

At 5:57pm on Tuesday, I wondered why I got involved.

Why? So the chameleon bloggers can get more popular. You know the bloggers, they are health bloggers when it is convenient.
They are weight loss bloggers when the giveaway pertains to us.
They are fitness bloggers when they write about Jillian Michaels.
They are food bloggers when Starbucks gives them a $10 gift card.

Maybe that is what I have become. So worried about the .com.
Tweeting up a storm?
Wondering if people “like” me?

It is not.I will not be that guy.

I have a great monologue here about my life. You can come and go anytime. If you do not like it, I understand. If you do, I understand. I value your opinion but really will not lose sleep if you think I am a dork, fake, or self-promoter.

At 5:57pm, I realized I was involved in a “marathon runner vs. model” fight. It had nothing to do with blogging. It had nothing to do with bloggers.

It was a blame game. Everyone pointing fingers. No one taking accountability.

But I did not waste sixteen hours of the day. No, I learned from it. I learned about myself.

I learned that I am a restaurant manager, not a professional blogger.

I love putting my life on here. If you are inspired, great!

That is not the reason why I write, it can not be.
That is not the reason why I write every other day, it can not be.
That is not why I talk about my weight loss, or how I could not wipe my ass every three sentences, it will not be.

I do it because I do not want to go back to that life. THAT IS HOW BLOGGING HELPED ME! Blogging, in a way, saved me. Not just working out, but actually putting into words the horror of being overweight. Writing about it makes me see the people I hurt, the talent I have.

That is what blogging is about to me. I am lucky when it comes to blogging.

When my brother linked me in 2008, I got thousands of hits.

Luck will bring people here, but talent will make them stay.

Did any of the “Big 6” really think that people they inspired would stop? That people would read an article that no one would have read (Except for the fact that WE made if big) Not only that, did they ever think that there might be people who read their blog and maybe was not inspired. Who thought they were trying to get attention. That putting food up is kind of annoying? That they do not agree with everything.

Well, as a food addict, I do not like putting up food.

No one ever asked me why I stopped my recipes.

I am a chef you know. I do know how to cook.

I do not put up my workouts.

I know how to build muscle. I am not a personal trainer.

I do not put up what I eat. How many calories a day.

Why? Do you think we will lose weight the same way?

I went to bed that night with stuff on my mind. Was blogging for me? Defending what I write. Not holding myself accountable for the way people might perceive me.

I woke up the next day. I saw milk on the floor.

I have said this before, but this works out perfectly.

So many people want to blame for the spilled milk. So many people want to ignore it. So many people want to keep quiet about it so it will go away.

The whole Marie Claire situation is not what blogging is about to me.

Conferences, giveaways, sponsors, and branding is not blogging. it is popularity contest. One that I get involved in.

You get readers by passion, you do not lose them by giving the same passion. For so long I was wrong. I heard it from so many different directions.

Tuesday my blog died.

Wednesday it came back to life.

Just so you know…..I really do not know who spilled the milk. Nor do I care. I am on the floor not with Fantastic in one hand and a paper towel in the other.

Care to join me?

The Anti-Jared- Next weigh in on Oct. 31 with new picture.

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