I just realized that in one hour, my dream will have passed me by.

So I have to take a chance…

That is right, I am going to nominate myself to be the newest Priorfatgirl! And why not, I only talk about Jen thirty times in each of my posts.

I got rejected an invite by Mamavation and Blogher. I got kicked out of “The League of Extraordinarily Fat Gentleman”. I am not going to be able to go to Fitbloggin. Heck, the only thing I ever got was a “Hooker Award” from the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.

Someone has to take me in!

So now I am going to submit my name in the hat!

Here goes the application…….

700-1,000 words describing why you want to join the PriorFatGirl family.

700 words? That is a lot. Can I do less, I mean, 700 words!

Also include a link to your blog.

That is easy! It is theantikjared.blogspot.com. Wait…..why the hell is there a k in there? No, it is theantijared.blogspot.com. No, dammit! There is no blogspot anymore! But I think it tracks back to theantijared.com.

Feel free to expand on any combination of the below suggestions: – your physical & mental healthiness goals.

– what healthiness means to you.
– how you plan to change your life, not just your diet.
– what you’ve learned from blogging & other healthiness bloggers.
– anything else about your journey you feel relevant.

Man! That is a lot of questions!

You know, I am tired. I did not think this through. I do not want to type 700 words tonight. I worked all day. I worked out today*. My wife is exhausted, the baby is as well.

* Squatted 300 pounds for 10 reps today. Holla!

I am not set out to be a Priorfatgirl.

But someone is!

I look forward to see who it will be!

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