“Congrats on being on a DIET for 32 weeks, but I’m sorry to inform you that I don’t believe you are doing Weight Watchers.
In 32 weeks you have STARVED yourself doing a variation of a few plans,and freely admitted this yourself. Your results are BEYOND typical. This is prob why friends/coworkers ask if you had the surgery. I know people who have had GBS who didn’t lose as fast as you.
FYI WW recommends .5-2 pounds a week. For those of us who are extremely obese its 1% of what you weigh that week.
What you have done is put a strain on your heart and other vital organs. Also when you take it off so quickly you have a higher chance of regaining.
Jumping on the WW website and patting your own back, telling people how you have done this on WW, is very misleading.
You aren’t fooling ANYONE but yourself and a few naive posters.
Toot your own horn all you like, but you won’t convince anyone but YOURSELF that you are following the program!”

Anonymous 10/12/2008

Two years ago I received my first anonymous comment.

I remember it very well.One thing about me, I have a very good memory.

I just started blogging. I remember that I promoted my blog everywhere I could. I wanted comments. I loved comments.

I got a few positive ones at the time.It did not matter. I wanted to see those comments.

Then this came. Like a ton of bricks. I remember it so well.

I did not lose the 200 pounds yet. I was working out, but not like I am now. I was not a popular blogger. I was new at this.

When you get 3-4 comments a post, and this comes out, it hurts.

I remember my PC retraction that I wrote……

:) To the last person, I agree with you. I am not only on WW. And yes, I do like to pat myself on the back! I also like to tell anyone that losing weight is not as hard, and trust me, I will not gain back the weight.
Oh, and I go to the doctor every month for a physical to make sure I am in good health. But hey, I hope you find a program and stick with it for the rest of your life! I have :)

That was two years ago.

My views have changed a little. Losing weight is not easy. I am not on WW.

For two years I kept my mouth shut about this comment. How much it stung.

Now, I laugh. I laugh because I can tell the anonymous commenter that he/she is wrong.

Very wrong.

Negative comments will always be there. You either spend your life defending yourself, ignore it, or prove people wrong.

I just read a comment about me. How I brag on Facebook that I work out seven days a week. How annoying I am.

Do you know why I brag?

Let’s talk about the first day I worked out, at 420 pounds. How I hated the gym. How I hated that everyone was looking at me. How I could not fit on the bench press. How I went on the treadmill for 48 seconds. How I cried. How I drove around for 30 minutes after wards so I would not tell my wife that I was at the gym for 48 seconds. I was real annoying then.

The truth is, I learn from comments. You really never TURN OFF comments.

Through email were the tough criticisms, which I REALLY respected. I got some on Facebook. I learn a lot through feedback. Sometimes I do not even realize the tone of a post.

I also ignored some. When I write 1000 words, and the reader is focused on three of them. Their interpretation. Their perception is not my reality.

I get less comments now. Rightfully so. I have turned them off and on. I rarely respond. It does not drive my posts like it might have in the past…..

But I waited two years for this. For the idiot who wrote the anonymous comment two years ago. I spent over two years proving you wrong.

And I have a lifetime to go.

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