A few weeks back, my wife was walking around the house and she looked bummed.

“What is wrong?”

She did not want to answer, but finally I got it out of her….

“Nothing. It is just that I did not lose any weight this week. I stayed the same. I am frustrated.”

Believe it or not, my wife has not only tracked all of her food for three months and made really smart choices, but she did it on her own and the power of Sparkpeople.

She asks me a question from time to time, but this has been her journey.

Frustration is a situation that I can relate to.

“Do not get frustrated or change anything, please! You are doing well. The scale is just a tool, but your pants fit well. You shirts are loose. You look good! I promise what you have been doing is the right thing. Give it a few more weeks, do not change anything.”

Today I went on the scale. I weighed in at 226 pounds.The same as last week.

Not even close!

It is a different 226 pounds than last week.

It is a very confident 226 pounds.

I had a really good week.

I tracked my food much better this week. I was not 100%, but I started to enjoy writing it down.

Something that has troubled me for so long.

My workouts are always good, but this week rocked. I worked out every day and pushed the weights. I was able to do three sets of squats 285 pounds for 12 repetitions. I bench pressed 245 six times. Two years ago, I would not even understand what I just wrote.

I felt a soreness in my muscles that I have not felt for a couple of months. It was nice.

Not only that, but work was great this week. My wife and I were talking about a “date night” for next weekend. My son and I were practicing walking.

Someone who does not like me gave me a compliment on my shoulders. It made me smile on the inside.

Overall it was a good GREAT week. In fact, it has been a GREAT two and a half years.

My wife never had a lot of weight to lose. Yet, she lost over 20 pounds without my help. She gets compliments galore. She deserves them.

If you read my blog, you see me write a lot that I lost weight because I was afraid to die.

Actually, I think I do all of this because I love to live.

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