I never wanted to share my weight loss story.

I never wanted to blog.

I never wanted to put my pictures for people to see.

I never wanted to join Facebook.

There are so many bloggers who blog before they lose weight. They tell you what they are going to do.

I started mine when I lost 60 pounds. I posted only eight times while I lost 171 pounds.

I did not promote my weekly weigh in’s early. I hated the way I wrote. I had no confidence in it at all. I dreaded picture day.

I did not want to talk about my weight loss to anyone.

Then, one day, I found the courage to tell my brother I had a blog. It sounds silly now, but it was a real hard thing to do. My brother is a writer, I pieced together my ideas in a 300 word post the best way I could. He did not give me any criticism. He understood the true meaning of a blog. How it is to get your ideas out there.

In time, the writing gets better, the ideas get clearer.

My wife changed everything.

She cried the first time she read the blog. I remember it like it was yesterday….

“I can not believe you never told me about your talent!”


I had no idea what she was talking about. The crap I was writing down. I just did it for fun. I did not want people to read it. Why, so they could make fun of me. How bad my sentences were.

My wife saw something in my writing that I never saw.

The rawness, the passion, the emotion. The talent.

“You should tell people about your blog. I bet there are people who have a lot of weight to lose that might need to hear it can be done.”

It was hard. I did not want to promote it. I did not want people to know about my blog.

So I did. I wrote more. I promoted my blog. I made different pages. I bonded with other bloggers.

I joined Facebook. My wife begged me for six months to join. I never wanted to. I finally did.

I lost 221 pounds in 52 weeks. I did it without counting calories. I did it on Weight Watchers CORE program which is basically “South Beach”. I worked out, not with kettlebells or P90X, but with workouts I tried out on my own. Different circuits at the gym, different cardio machines, free weights. I gained muscle. I am still doing it every day. I am looking forward to the future now, not scared of today being my last.

I rarely talk about my eating or workouts on posts.

People ask me all the time about it. I try to talk about it, but then realize what worked for me really will not work for most. It is not the “best way” or “most popular way”. I know there are a lot of good programs and eating plans and blah blah blahs out there. I did not do it because you would call me fat, I lost weight because I did not want you calling me dead.

Today I read Mizfit’s post on inspirations and the amount of weight you lost, etc. It was a really good post.The funniest part is Mizfit inspired me because of the way she brands “Mizfit” and the influence she has on the weight loss blogging community. Not because of her weight loss, which is impressive.

Inspiration is about the person, not about the accomplishment.

I am so honored and touched that people read my blog. That some people love when I post, or comment right away. That people love when I send out a funny Tweet or look forward to my Facebook question, no matter how silly or repetitive it is.

I love when people are happy that I respond to them, or the way I feel when I get a two word comment from a fantastic blogger. I give such a tough impression, but I am truly humbled at the amount of great responses I get.

Yet, I do not want to be popular because I lost weight. I will struggle, and you will all be there to see. I will succeed, and you will all be there to see.

There are people who will always lose more weight, and be more muscular. There will be people who have better blogs and are funnier than me. Much funnier than me.

My wife is my inspiration. I am inspired  by someone who as of today lost 25 pounds. She inspired me to be my best. She always has. She is my biggest fan.

She told me I had talent.

And yes, I believe her.

Now I need to show it to everyone.

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