The weight loss/health blogging world has a lot of paper tigers.

You know, the ones that will tell you that they are strong on their blog, yet will not tell you the pain they go through with food in private.

The ones that will talk about motivation, yet need seventeen Tweets to tell them to go work out.

The ones that will tell you losing weight gets easier, yet yo-yo’s back and forth.

Sometimes that is my fear. That I will be a paper tiger.

I know the right things to say on here to get you motivated.
I know key words to make you comment.
I know how to make you laugh and cry with a few phrases.

Yet it means nothing if I do not do this for myself.

I am a food addict.

Look at my pictures. Look at all of them. Stare at them.

You are looking at a food addict.

I am not a liar. Some bloggers are. Some will tell you how easy it is. How you should read their blog for inspiration. How you should be like them.

I am a food addict.

I control it. I am careful every day. I watch what I eat. I refuse to be an 1100 calorie a day guy. Yet, I will not eat 5000 calories a day. I fight for a balance.

All food addicts do.

I do not want you to be like me. I want you to know that although I have a crazy addiction, I lost weight. Without pills. Without Sensa. Without surgery.

I did it because I truly saw so much talent in an overweight man that no one else would ever see.

I was there at 3am in 2008. When I came home and I saw my wife sitting in a chair wiping away tears. For five minutes I did not say anything. Neither did she. Yet, it was a meaningful conversation. How long would I still be around? Would my wife be a widow in her 20’s?

I was there in my Acura promising myself I would eat better. Stuffing myself with Taco Bell. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day? I always said that. Luckily, there were a lot of tomorrows. For how long?

I was there the day my son was born. Can you imagine? Sixteen months prior I could not walk on a treadmill for 48 seconds. Now I was having a baby.

Being a food addict does not mean you are a failure. It does not make you weak. It does not make you less of a person.

It means the relationship with food is different.


So I am unique. I do not give workout tips. I do not answer weight loss emails. I am not a dietitian. I am not a personal trainer.

I do not put pictures of food all over my blog. I was a chef for many years. I have been in restaurants for over fifteen years.Yet do not need to show you everything I eat.

I am a guy who decided that my personal hell was not the best place to live anymore.

I am different. I play with my son. I do things for my wife. I make time for working out and no one motivates me to go.

Does my wife have a problem with me going to the gym?

No. Did you ever live with a 420 pound guy who would lay in bed and kill himself slowly every day?

So when you come back to my blog in a year or two, you will see my pictures getting better. My days of chasing my son around will be fun. The love of my wife will be as strong as ever.

I am no paper tiger.

I am a food addict.

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