I am lucky.Heck, WE are lucky!

We get a ton of support from people……..


Are you going to be there next to me at 6am? When I just got eight hours of sleep and I am making every excuse not to go to the gym?

It is cold outside…..
I already worked out on Monday……
I have work to do……

Are you going to tell me how I should go to the gym, even if it is for a few minutes? Just work out a little, knowing those few minutes will turn into an hour?

Are you?

Are you going to be there for me at 6pm. When I am driving down the road, hungry. Knowing I did not eat a lot today, justifying the quick stop at McDonald’s. Knowing a cheeseburger is only 270 calories, yet I am going to eat close to 4000 calories. Are you going to tell me that I should just drive home? I have fruits and vegetables there?

Are you going to be there for me at 11:59pm. When I had a horrible day. I want to turn to food. I know it is not right. I have known that for years. but who cares, I had a bad day. I would microwave food, but that takes too long. I have 100 calorie snacks, which in a large amount is a high calorie meal.

Are you going to be there for me at 9am when I get on the scale. Not happy with the number, I get on again. Then I run. Then I use the bathroom, then I cut my hair, then I take off my shorts. Still not happy with the number. Are you going to tell me about my food choices. Are you going to blame the scale and tell me it is going to be okay?

See, I get it.

I have learned more about myself through blogging. Through writing. Through meeting people and reading wonderful stories about lives. It has changed the way I look at things. My views have shifted. I have grown as a person.

There is no “I” in team.

We do win together. We have to support each other. Whether it is to give a small pat on the back or a compliment on a new avatar.

We are one.

It is a world where there are no winners or losers. Just people fighting for similar goals.

But I want you to know that there is a very big “ME” in team.

One that had to be strong. One that has to think highly of him/herself. One that needs to know it might not get much easier, but it could get much harder. One that will take your compliment with a smile, but maybe gave him/herself the same compliment earlier. One that tells him/herself “You can do this” and finally believes it.

So sometimes it is okay to know there is no “I” in team, but please do not forget about the “ME”.

The one I ignored for so many years.

The one I will never forget about again.

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