Okay, unless you have been under a rock, you probably have seen this video.

120 pound journey

It is about a guy who was overweight and depressed, started to run, lost weight, and became quite handsome. Very similar to Forest Gump.

Okay, it is much different. Anyone who goes from being morbidly obese to running and finishing in the Boston Marathon is amazing…period.

There is one thing I love about weight loss blogging. I get to hear stories like this a lot.

I have been doing this for close to three years now. I get to hear so many success stories. They never get old. I get a few emails a week with links for blogs with women who have lost 200 pounds, men who have overcome obstacles to lose weight. Moms who have lost 100 pounds and grandmothers who struggled with weight all of their lives to finally lose 90 pounds at 65.

I have heard stories about women who lost 250 pounds with surgery. Women who have lost 200 without. Guys who lost 200 pounds only to want to lose 200 more. 12 year old kids losing 50 pounds. Men who lost weight with WW, Atkins, Zone and other diets. Women who lost 20 pounds without working out. Men who lost 200 pounds working out.

It is the most rewarding part of my journey. Knowing that there are so many stories better than mine. Knowing that so many people have lost weight, kept off weight, ate well for themselves and family.

Knowing that this is possible.

The “120 pound journey” video got over 600,000 views. 600,000 views!!!!!

That is amazing. I am amazed at viral videos. The Chocolate Rain that got 56 million hits and the Sneezing Panda that got 79 million hits.

I get it though, I mean, I watch them, so I would imagine millions would.

Maybe I will have a viral video one day?

So far my “Leave Broccoli Spears Alone” video has 17 hits!!!!!

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