Dear Tony,

I wish I was as strong as you……………….

I realized a couple of years back that the perfect day will not come. The day where everything falls into place. Where every quote is inspirational. Where every decision is the right one. Where nothing will get in your way.

There is no day like that. Unless you make it.

The third day of my diet in 2008 I wanted to quit. I was hungry. I did great for two days, and I wanted a “reward”. Something stopped me though. Not sure what it was, but something held me back.

The first time when I left the gym in tears because I went less than a minute on the treadmill, I did not want to go back. The gym was not for me. I hated it. I could not fit on any of the equipment and I know people were looking at how big I was. Not sure what it was, but something made me go back the next day.

The first time I wrote a “popular” blogger for tips, I did not get a response. Funny thing, I did get a letter from that same blogger when I got popular. Without their help. I could have been rude, but something made me be respectful.

I make a point to talk about every struggle I have in life on here. There are people who read my blog that know me personally. They know my story, how far I have come.

I do it so people will know that everyone is strong. If I had incredible strength and will power, I would have never been over 400 pounds. I am not ashamed to say that. I am not stronger than anyone.

In fact, I strive every day to be as strong as the rest of you. Who do not finish their plate. Who do fall and get up.

Do not wish you were as strong as me……

Be as strong as you can be.

The reason why I will succeed is because I got tired of wishing for the perfect day.

I am loving the imperfect ones.


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