I wrote this. It is still to this day the most personal post I have written.

I wrote “I do believe that people do not change”.

Some people disagreed.

Time passed, I explained my post.

Somebody was working through change. Through a hard life full of ups and downs.

Can people change? It is such a great question.

The easy answer is yes. Of course we can change. Anyone can!

But can we?

We can.

Two years ago I could not be a father. I could not be a leader. I could not be a great husband.

I had it in me. Deep down. I had to have the courage to let it out.

To change my habits. To change my beliefs.

Changing is hard. It can be done though.

Stages of Change, if you are looking down at me now, know you are right. We can change.

Yeah…..we can.

You will be missed.


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