I am going to be running around tomorrow morning and then I have to work all day, so I decided to weight myself today.

The Anti-Jared- 226 lbs.

That is a three pound gain from last week.

Honestly, I could have waited till tomorrow to weigh myself. I could have figured out a way to do it. I could have worked out, then weighed myself, then blogged on my iPhone, then…..

The truth is I do not make excuses. I promised myself that I would track my food this week, and I did not.

I work out hard. I eat well. But I ate more pineapple than I should have. I ate more chicken than I should have.

It does no good to beat yourself up over anything unless you do something about it.

That is what I do not like about weight loss. Someone will gain a little weight, then want to change the way they do things completely.

I do not. I know where I faulted myself.

People ask me if I struggle. Of course, but maybe not like you…or you….or even you.

I was not over 400 pounds for no reason. But I am getting much better. holding myself more accountable. Blogging might not help you lose weight, but calling yourself out makes you think about your actions.

We all have our challenges. Making “Jaime Foxx” excuses means nothing.

Blame it on Saturday
Blame it on not working out first
Blame it on the sodium
Blame it on eating later last night
Blame it on the a…a….a….apples (Honeycrisp) baby!

Nah, I did not track like I promised. Because of that, I ate more than I should have.

As you have seen, I opened up my comments. I did not do it so I could get “you can do it” remarks, or “it is okay”. That is not what I ever want.

I know I can do it. Hell, I have done it. I also know I will not gain back the weight. I will beg Richard Simmons and Jillian Michaels with tears in my eyes before I gain back my weight.

Just so you know, that will be one chilly day in hell!

So I take my three pound gain with class and dignity. If I took a picture of myself, you could not tell the difference. My pants still fit the same.My shirt is still good on me.

But if you think this will happen again, you do not read my blog that often.

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