If you only focus on the food then it will be a struggle. Gaining 100’s of pounds there are other issues, emotional issues that have to be looked at. If you are basically the same person you were at 400 lbs just thinner. The weight will come back I can guarantee it.

I received this comment the other day.
After I wrote about how I will struggle with food, which I have done many times before, and I will do many times in the future.

The comment did not make me mad. In fact, I see his point.
Most people would see his point.

But for me, he is dead wrong.

You see, it would be easy to say that I was lazy at 420 pounds.

I was not lazy.
I worked 65 hours a week.
I did try to get out of doing things my wife asked me to do, but I still did them.
I cleaned, although it took me longer and if I did not have the energy to take the dog out, I would clean up her mess.

I was not stupid. I knew what it would take for me to lose the weight.

I was still a motivated person. When I wanted to accomplish something, I did it.

Once I started to lose weight, I saw the world with my eyes wide open.

I saw my wife happy every week that I lost weight. I never saw before how much I hurt her by being as heavy as I was. How any day a heart attack or stroke could take my life. Things could still happen to me, but at least I was making a conscious effort to survive.

I saw my family rooting me on. I did not realize that they could lose a son. A brother. Someone they have grown to love for some time.

And I saw myself. I saw with every great weigh in more confidence. With every workout I saw the person that I knew I was. That other people could see.

It all changed when my son was born. He was born during my “muscle” phase last year. I remember seeing him for the first time.
I looked at him and made a promise that I would never gain back the weight.

You see, I will struggle with food. I am not an emotional eater. I just eat.

But I control it.

Not only for me, but for my family.

I promised that I would not be one of those “kick my foot in the dirt” if I gain a little weight. I just want to be able to do the things that dads do. Run, play, have fun.

I changed the way I ate. I needed to. Over eating apples is better than Twinkies. I am still a weird eater.

But I lost a lot of weight. It is true, I have lost a lot of weight in the past only to gain it back.

But I am the same strong person now that I was at 420 pounds. I just needed to lose 200 pounds to realize it.

I love my family more than anything. I need to be there for my son. It is a shame that I had to lose 200 pounds to see that much more clearer.

So I will keep the weight off.

That is the only guarantee I believe here.

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