When you are tall and overweight you look like an ex football player. When you are short and overweight, you look like a Swiss ball.
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It might be hard for you to believe that I wore “size 60” pants that had a six inch extender at my highest weight of 420 pounds. That I wore a 5xl shirt as well.

Most people in the 400 pound range wear 4x shirts and size 52-56 pants.

But I am short. 5 foot 6 short. There are days where I feel 5 foot 7, but I am 5 foot 6. Being 5 foot 6 and 420 pounds was disastrous.

For a long time, it was hard for me being short. You can always lose weight, dye your hair and get a makeover. There really is nothing you can do about being short. You either embrace it, or let it hold you back.

A little over two years ago is when I started going to the gym. As I have said in the past, I focused on the treadmill, then the elliptical machine. I tried to do as much cardiovascular exercises as I could. Walking and moving were much more important than anything else. I never thought about lifting weight. At the time, I could not fit comfortably on machines or benches.

Then once I started to lose weight, I was able to fit on the machines at the gym. They had instructions on them, so I would read and try them out. Since I was a rookie, many people would come up to me and tell me I was doing the movements wrong.

I never got mad, I took the advice. I thanked the people for giving me feedback, and I would use it.

While I was doing the machines at the gym, I would watch other “gymrats” using free weights. Bench pressing, deadlifting, squatting, and barbell curls.

I wanted to be like them. They were pushing and pulling hundreds of pounds like it was nothing.

So I bought a few books on working out. I remember buying some “bodybuilding” magazine, and noticing that many of the top pros were short like me. It made me feel good that I was not the only short person in the world.

So I started working out with free weights. I would use very light weight just so I could figure out the right technique. I would move up on weight a little at a time. I think it looked silly for a guy weighing over 200 pounds to bench press 95 pounds, but I did not care. I knew that down the road I would be able to lift heavy weight. It took time. Everything worthwhile takes time.

Because I am short I do notice that bench pressing is not as hard. I do not have that far to go on squatting. I was able to add on weight pretty quickly.

I absolutely love working out. There is no struggle with wanting to go to the gym for me.

I never have a day where I do not want to go to the gym. I never am too tired to go.

I love pushing myself there. I love the feel of sore muscles the next day. Kind of like my muscles telling me I did a good job.

Yesterday when I was in the “Power Room” I noticed something in the mirror.

I do not look like a swiss ball…….not anymore.

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