It is funny that I remember the days when I would not want to go work out.
I remember the days when I swore that I would eat a little bite, only to eat a giant mega bite.
I remember the days where I hated myself.
I remember the days that I felt like a failure.

Lately, I am remembering different days….

I remember the days where I made my son go from crying to laughing in an instant.
I remember the days where as tired as I was, I pushed myself at the gym like no other day.
I remember the days where my wife asked me to do something, and I answered with “Already done!”
I remember the days where the employee at work who never said a kind word to anyone came up to me and said “I am glad you work here.”

I always look at the 3% of the days where I felt that life was unbearable. Where I could not do anything right. Where diets were great until 11pm and every word I said was wrong.

On those days, I would look to others for inspiration. For some kind words, for some hope.

What can the former child star from “One Day at a Time” say to me?
How is the Playboy Playmate going to inspire me.
Does the woman from American Idol care about my well being?
How is the Subway spokesperson going to make me believe I can do it?

They are not. I need to be that guy.

When the Internet and cable are down, and there are no books or magazines around, I am the only one around. I am the guy that needs to inspire myself. I am the one that has to know that I can do anything I want to.

I have to be able to look in the mirror and love myself.

Because 97% of the time, I am on point. I am the guy who cares about myself, my family, my friends.

I can be the guy that sings the Jaime Foxx song every time I gain two pounds….

“Blame it on the salt, lack of sleep, water, eating at night baby!”

Or I can dust off and be confident I made the best decisions.

I am not a singer.

In this journey, people need self confidence. They need self worth. It is great when bloggers tell you how great you are, your children, your wife, your husband…….

But it is magical when you believe it.

I do. I believe that I am a special person. Just like everyone who reads me.

It is not my place to tell you that.

You need to be your own inspiration.

Because as many times as we fall, as many times as we want to quit, as many times as we make mistakes, as many times as we hate ourselves, and as many times as we feel like the world is against us…….

We need to realize a day does not define a journey…..

And it took me a journey to realize that one day

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