I never liked when someone would write for a month that they had big news, and once they told you the news, you would think

“Really? That was the big news!”

So I did not tell anyone that I was changing my blog to theantijared.com.

I did not tell anyone that I was going to pay the awesome CEO of Revivemyblog to design my site.

I did not tell anyone that I am now working out at Anytime Fitness and will be blogging on their site (AnytimeHealth.com)  from time to time.

I did not tell anyone.

I have wanted to do this for a long time.

Ryan (Revivemyblog) did not revive my blog.

He built it. He transferred all of my Blogger stuff to WordPress.

He made a cool apple with a “TAJ” in it. He helped me because, well, I do not know anything about building blogs or websites.

But I do know that I have some talent. I know that people like to read what i have to say. I want more people to read. This is a great way to do so.

So here I am. Here is my new site. What do you think?

Oh yeah, comments are still closed 🙂

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