When I looked at the list of the Mamavation Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps, I was incredibly shocked not to see my name!

I could NOT believe it. I mean, I have written such inspirational tweets like this and this!!!

Okay, so I am not shocked I am off the list!

Twitter is not very inspirational to me. It is a land full of links, people late for work, people who do not want to work out, and re-tweeting everything I mentioned.

I use it as an outlet to get my funny out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

Although I can be considered inspirational, Twitter is not that outlet for me. I am rather annoying on there, but I need it!

I was looking over the list, and I saw a few people that inspire me, and then some that do not even come close to being inspirational.

But one name stuck out to me. One person that is inspiring to me. I would love for people to vote for her.

Her name is Lisa (@workoutmommy). She is a mother, a fitness trainer, and a wonderful person. She has helped me through the blogging world for a couple of years now.

But she did inspire me. She complimented me on being a great dad. She did not talk about my weight loss as much as being a parent. In a world where so many “Mama” type blogs exclude me, she brought me in.

For that, I am thankful.

It can be hard being a male blogger in the weight loss world.

But with people like Lisa, it does get easier to know that I am one fit dad!


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