I can not turn back time.

I wrote something yesterday that ,after waking up, I realized it made no sense.

So here are the highlights….

I think Roni is a great blogger

I think that Fitbloggin will be huge in five years. Huge!!! There are so many conferences that excludes men and people without social media skills. I think it is fantastic that a blogger actually made a conference to help other weight loss bloggers. So many bloggers who are popular always talk about helping, but few have the courage to do so.

I think that Roni did a great thing by moving her conference to May. Anytime after September is rough up north.

Buffalo, NY is a scary place. I never want to live in a place like that. Snow, cold, snow,snow. Did I mention snow.

I hate snow. Any type of snow.

Today it is cold in Orlando. it is 85 degrees.

That is all


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