I live in Florida. Florida is known for so many things.

Beautiful weather, flip flops, Disney World……

And of course Hurricanes!

Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th.
We watch the weather closely.
Every Hurricane that is in the ocean is a threat. We get nervous. We stock up with water and flashlights.

Hell, I have a generator.

Hurricane season is also for dieters.

It is October 25th-January 3rd. Holidays are in our path….

New Years

Halloween– Yes, the day where the ladies dress like a “naughty” something. I am going to be a naughty blogger and close my comments.

Wait…I already did that!

Unfortunately, the only naughty thing most of us get is a few “fun size” candies.

It starts when we buy the candy for the kids to give out. We buy such big bags that no one will notice if we eat one or twenty of them. We put them in bowls early because no one wants to see a ripped hole in the bag.

Then the kids go out. They get tons of candy. Of course they do not want the chocolates. SO we have to help out the kids. Damn it! It is for the kids.

So for a few days afterward, we have candy in the house.

We are “naughty” snackers!

Thanksgiving– It is the one day that we let loose. We prepare all year long for this day.We know exactly what we are going to eat. Somebody in everyone’s family makes something wonderful!

Funny thing is, turkey is healthy. We do not care about the turkey! It is all about the side items and desserts! No one wants “low-fat”. Give me the good stuff!

One day does not hurt us, but leftovers do. Cake and pie all week long do.

Then all of the sudden we are eating pounds of stuffing on December 10th. Sweatpants are a huge winter seller!

Christmas– Christmas dinner is almost as good as Thanksgiving dinner. Ham and eggnog a plenty!

You do not have Christmas dinner? Now, so many restaurants are open on Christmas. Cracker Barrel is waiting for you!

New Years- Champagne leads to drunk hot dogs outside of a club at 2am. Not like I have EVER done that!

And even if you celebrate at home, tons of appetizers. I mean, how can you not gain weight while eating “pigs in a blanket!”

October through December is the worst time for any dieter…period! Breaking even is a huge win for most. So what do you do?

Well, do not “GI Joe” it and say knowing is half the battle.

Knowing is 25%.

Plan ahead, make strong decisions, and focus on your goals. That is 75% of it.

Walk a little before each meal. With your family. Most gyms are open on holidays now as well.

There is nothing we can do about the holidays.

October is here and the holidays are upon us.

We can make good choices. Because the same food will be there next year.

We need to make sure we make the right choices so we will be.

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