It is one of the touchiest topics that a weight loss blogger can write about.

That is right, weight loss surgery.

I will be honest with you, my view has changed over the last two and a half years.

After talking to so many people about their weight loss journeys, I truly believe that there is no easy path. Surgery is a brave move that takes a lot of courage, a lot of persistence, and a good eating ethic after the surgery.

People who have the surgery work just as hard as people without the surgery.

I definitely do not think it is “the easy way out”. It is a major surgery.

My issue was at 420 pounds, I was expected to have the surgery.

It was “recommended” by my doctor. He told me that he could not see any other way for me to lose weight.

He was not being mean, he was scared for me.

Everyone was scared for me. To this day, I do not talk to my wife about it, but I know she prayed every day for me to get healthy. My parents used to ask how I was doing. Friends would see me and give me the “I wish you would lose weight” stare. Yes, I know that stare.

Everyone was scared about my weight but me. I was not scared.

Surgery did scare me though.

Before I lost weight I remember not being able to have a stress test at the doctor’s office because I was over 350 pounds. I was considered a VIP ( Nice term for if he falls over we need him at a hospital) and they wanted me to have the test at the hospital.

I never did.

I remember being on different medications. Benicar, Lipitor, Advair, and a couple others. I had an inhaler because of my breathing. I took pain killers for my back.

Yet when my doctor told me about the surgery, I finally got scared.

I did not want it. I needed to find the strength in myself to eat better. It was a long shot.

Food addictions do not go away. Portions sizes get bigger. You could be doing well for a long time, and then snap over the weekend.

Yet, I wanted to do this without surgery for two reasons.

1. I can do this without surgery
2. I can do this without surgery

Surgery was expected. Doctors who counseled me were incredibly nice. They understood my weight. It was not my fault, I was an addict.

But it was my fault. I needed to get stronger. Face my fears every day.

It was false that surgery was the only option.

I had another option.

There is no right or wrong weight loss path. Whether you have surgery or not is a very personal decision.

But I will tell you that it is not impossible to lose 200 pounds without surgery.

Hard…..but not impossible.


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