“Why are your comments off?”

I received a comment a few months back.
It was not anonymous.
It was from someone who knew me.

I was becoming annoying to the reader.

Always asking for Facebook fans, begging for Twitter followers.

Then the commenter wrote…

“You do not want to help, that is cool.”


When I was in ninth grade, my Student Council Adviser made us memorize the words to James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend.” I thought it was weird, but I was 14 and scared of adults.

I have been blogging for over two years. I have seen so many people come and go. I have had such close blogging buddies leave and never come back.

I always wondered if I could have said something to help. Maybe gave them some kind words to keep them on the Internet a little longer.

We all know when someone is struggling. When someone is about to leave. There is no shock when a blogger who wants to give up for months and months finally does so.

Sad….sure. But no shock.

So why do I have my comments off? Simple, to write better. I am not writing anymore to get 40 comments. I am not posting giveaways to get 100 comments anymore. I am not saying my best post is the one that gets the most comments. I am not going to comment on your blog for the chance you will comment on mine.

I am writing from the heart.

I am going out of my comfort zone, and I am going to do this thing that the commenter said I did not want to do…..help.

Julia, we are Internet pals.

I see that you and ExHotGirl go shopping a lot. We probably will not go shopping together.

But I read your last post. I have been following your tweets over the last month. Just like the hundreds of lurkers I have, I have been lurking as well.

I have seen this post coming. Not wanting to…because I respect you and your weight loss accomplishments.

Most people would think that I would put on my camouflage hat and start to yell now

“Come on Julia!!!! You can do it!!!!”

Funny thing is, I am wearing the same hat that Gilligan wore, because there are so many people on this island.

We all thought it was a three hour tour.

I do believe in the term “Be your own superhero”.

I also believe that the kryptonite is so damn powerful!

Do you think you are the only one that is fooled by the term “whole grains”? Are you the only one that wakes up with an awesome attitude only to overeat by the end of the day? Do you know there are millions of people who think they got this all figured out only to realize they know absolutely nothing.

We are all on Gilligan’s Island. We have our guest stars once in a while. We see planes fly over and we wave our arms to get off the island only to get ignored.

There are people on our island who promise to get us off. They are doing everything they can. Coconuts as radios!

Sometimes you do have to realize that is an island. There are storms and beautiful days. Fresh fruit and crazy animals chasing you around. Trust me, this was supposed to be a three hour tour. A three hour tour.

But we are here.

I saw your gain. I can say all day long “Look at what you have done in the past! You can knock it out!”

I do believe it, but what I believe and what you believe are two different things. Oh, I know.

It is very easy to look from the outside. Window shopping is not as courageous as purchasing the dress.

So when you are down and troubled, and you need a helping hand….do not close your eyes and think of me. Instead open your eyes and look around. There are more of us than you know….

And even superheroes have a weakness.


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