Today was a weird day!

I woke up a little later than usual. I just felt rushed early. I hate feeling rushed early.

When I was getting ready for the gym, there was a show on TV called “So You Think You Can Make Excuses” where people compete to give the best excuse. I did not have time for those excuses, I was ready to go to the gym.

Then, I went to grab a quick bite to eat. All I saw was “Negativity One” cereal. I really was not that hungry, plus I wanted to limit my negativity today.

On the way to the gym, my car swerved off the road a little. I hit a puddle of tears.

So I finally got to the gym, and there was a guy in the front. He had a sign that said “Will inspire for money”.

I thought that was weird. So I asked him “What does that mean.”

“You need inspiration..I am your man! Anything you can give, I will inspire you!”

I had a dollar on me. But I usually get a water after my workout. I thought about it.

“Let me work out, and I will let you know.”

I got in the gym and the manager Bob Life said hi to me. He reminded me to get my lemons after my workout. Mr. Life always gives me lemons.

I started to workout. I was look at emails I have been getting lately. People who have been struggling a little. People who have been out of the weight loss game for a while. People who are in a “plateau”. People who need a little inspiration. people who are looking to me to see if I can give them any advice.

How do you tell someone they can do it? That this is worth it. That getting hit in the face is not getting knocked out? It is hard to do, but I did make this weird statement. I WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT WEIGHT LOSS.

I can not back down.

All of the sudden, my workout was done. I beat my record! 2263 calories in 60 minutes.

Something bothered me though. Next to the 60 minutes it said End.

You know, I can press three buttons, and keep on going.

I do not know if I had an epiphany or not. I do like the word, but I did realize something.

I do not think I will ever realize how much I can do. I do not think people will realize their full potential.

That is a good thing.

I will push myself. I feel like I am against the ropes a lot, but I am in the ring. A ring I was not supposed to be in. A fight that I lost before I had a challenge.

You win some rounds and lose some, but there is something magical about being in that ring.

So many people give up. So many people wonder if the is worth it. So many people really wonder how much they can do.

Around the 80th minute and after burning 3000 calories I was sweating. That dollar bill in my pocket was wet and gross.

I thought about giving it to that guy. But for what? I can inspire myself. We all can. Blogs are great, advice is helpful, but inner strength is where it is at.

Around the 90th minute, I have a puddle of sweat under me. Not tears, but sweat. I see other people who are thinner than me. Who do not have loose skin. Who wear compression shirts while I have my K-Mart hoodie.

But how strong are we? Will “blah blah” help me when I am down. Will “blah blah” help me when I struggle. I need to be “blah blah”. I can not tell you why this is worth it for you. I know why this is worth it. For me.

I know how strong I am.

Strong enough. To inspire myself. By doing that it does inspire others. Sometimes I do not realize that.

There is a responsibility though. To tell you that struggling is not losing the fight. That falling is not failing. That going away for three months is not an eternity. That saying this is a life journey is not silly, it is the truth.

The machine did not go anymore. It stopped at 100. There was no end though. I was happy.

I got off the machine. I was leaving the gym, and there was Mr. Life again with his lemons. So I went to him and said…..

“Mr. Life, you always give me lemons. What am I supposed to do? Make lemonade? Instead, do me a favor. Give those lemons to the guy asking for money to inspire. You see, Mr. Life does not need to give me lemons. I work hard so I can get other fruits.”

I did not give that guy the dollar. I bought a water for it. For me. He can inspire someone else.

Although it is never going to be easy,one thing I can tell people who are struggling……

It is not the end of the world to have a bad day.


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