“Why do I want to be more active? So I can find my real person that’s been trapped inside for years!”

Janyne from Facebook (And GRUVE Winner)

Dear Diet Guru,

I get it. You inspire people all over. Moms who struggle with weight love you. Dads who need to lose the beer gut shout your name. Obese people need you and people who lost weight want to be you.

Why am I different? Why do I not want to be you.

I think about it all the time. I was that 400 pound person. I made a blog. I talked about my weight loss. I did not write you nor think about you. Yet, at the time, I wanted to be you. I wanted to be the guy that would save the world, or at least make money doing so.

You tell people that you will help them lose weight.

I mean, it is not hard, is it? You do not struggle, do you?

You are an inspiration!!!! You have a picture of yourself in spandex. You look great. All I have to do is give you a few bucks and in 12 weeks, you will get me where I need to be.

The truth is, I knew just as much about weight loss at 400 pounds as I do now after losing 200 pounds. The sad part is I had to lose 200 pounds to prove it. There are 400 pound people who know more about weight loss than you do. Than all of us. That is not what this is about!

If you have ever dieted, you know about weight loss. If you have ever picked up a copy of Women’s World magazine when you are at a grocery store, you know about weight loss.

See……you try to make weight loss look easy. Ten rules, one simple rule, three laws of weight loss.

The only easy part about losing weight is when I lose a pound of money by giving it to you.

What should I do when I am digging in the trash for the peanut butter jar I threw out? When I overate it and thought that putting it in the trash would deter me. Should I believe” I can do it” then?

What about the days when I would eat 6000 calories of food that said “Low in Cholesterol” on it? Should I do a happy dance after that?

No, I need to know that I am not the only one out there who struggles, yet succeeds. If you want to be better than all of us, fine. But we all know you are not.

The truth is you are what is wrong with this industry. Not the food companies. Not the fitness industry. And yes…not even the diet pills everywhere.

You are. You were where I was. And now you are better?

You will save all of us because you have the knowledge?

How, by telling us we are stupid. We know just as much about weight loss as you do. You are no different that the obese man in tears eating Double Cheeseburgers from McDonald’s at 3am in an Acura too small for that man.

I learned one thing after losing weight. Keeping off weight. People listen to me now. I have a responsibility.

I could ask for money. Trust me, I have enough followers who would give it to me.

I could consider writing a book about weight loss. Not about my life, but some way that everyone could lose weight. It would not help, but I could make a few bucks.

But I am not. Because I am that 400 pound guy. I will not forget. I will not forget the pain. I will not forget people wanting me to lose weight so I could push their pills. I will not forget the money I spent on a dream.

But I will keep on trucking! I will keep off the weight! So people can believe it is possible. There are people who know more than me, a lot more than me! They just do not realize it yet.

I am not going away. I love this now. Everyday I will fight. Everyday I will win. Yes, everyday I will struggle.

That will not stop my workouts, or the annoyance of tracking my food. It will not stop my blog from getting better. It will not stop me from being the guy I had to lose weight to show the world.

I will not tell people this is easy. I will not try to sell a twelve week program.

You need money that bad?

Let me know. I will send you a check. Unfortunately, there might be feces on the check.

As you might know, I can wipe myself now.



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