It still kind of bothers me. So I am going to write about it.

I wrote a month ago that I got a letter from a PR company about writing a review for a book. The book was Edward Ugel’s “I’m With Fatty”.

The PR representative never read my blog, so she sent a blanket letter to me and many others.

I feel that it is very insulting to me that I am going to drop my life to read a book and review it for a free book when she has not even taken the time to read one of my posts.

But what made me a little irritated was what was written in the letter to a guy who lost 200 pounds from 420 pounds.

It was sent to everyone, but maybe it hit me a little harder than others.

I believe this book will be popular among your readers because of Ed’s honest and candid voice and ability to find humor a serious topic – it’s also really interesting to hear a man talk about this. Whether you have a husband, boyfriend, brother, or friend who’s in this boat, men treat it differently than women. If you’re interested in reading and reviewing the book please send me your mailing address and I’ll get an advance copy out to you right away!
For Ugel, losing 50 pounds isn’t about looking good at the beach. It’s about trying to save his life and figuring out how to live in a world without dim sum, smoked Italian meats, and the daily pleasure of cooking whatever, and however, he wants. Ugel merges this love of food with his all-male sensibility as he sets off on a year-long journey to answer the questions, “Where does one draw the line between being a lifelong foodie and a food addict?” and “Can I really live without bacon?”
Ugel comes clean about the fact that, “I wasn’t doing much of a job taking care of myself, so I outsourced the work to someone better qualified.” Enter a personal trainer and nutritionist, who help keep Ugel on the straight and skinny as he tries a week-long cleanse, a semi-traumatizing colonic, eats countless raw oysters (a food surprisingly high in protein, low in fat, and full of other minerals), and finds that he’s a kickass racquetball player.

Ugel’s life was over to him at 263 pounds.

263 pounds!!!!! Let me tell you about 263 pounds!

At 263 pounds I was the captain of my cheer leading team! I was doing great until I realized that the rival school was stealing my cheers. Those hussies!!!! So I approached the leader and I told her to “Bring It!” Don’t you worry, I brought it as well! All the way to a sequel!

At 263 pounds I moved to a new town where there was no dancing. I took it upon myself to go to the town meeting to tell all that “WE NEED TO DANCE TO KENNY LOGGINS!” After explaining for twenty minutes that I said Kenny Loggins and not Kenny Rogers, we all started to dance!

At 263 pounds I moved to Iowa. I built a baseball field because a voice told me to. Finally, I saw a man appear out of center field. That is right, it was Richard Simmons saying “Who is ready to play ball! LALALALALALA!” I tore down the field.

At 263 pounds I started to play football. I worked so hard that I finally got to play a down in my final season at Notre Dame. They chanted my name and I started to cry. When I ran off the field the coach hugged me and asked me why I was crying. I told him “Because my name is Tony and not Jared!”

At 263 pounds I lived in Orlando. I started this boy band. This little bastard Justin could never get it right! I told him “Left, left….THEN RIGHT! This is called NSYNC not OUTSYNC!” I got kicked out for being mean. When I left I saw Justin crying and I laughed. “Cry me a river baby!” I guess he got the last laugh.

At 263 pounds I lost over 150 pounds. I was inspiring people at WW meeting and family members did not recognize me. I worked out 6 days a week and I changed the way I eat….

Ahh, who am I kidding. That is just for the movies, right?

Really, at 263 pounds…at 420 pounds…at 198 pounds…and at 225 pounds I learned to have respect for myself. I learned that I put a lot of passion into my blog. I write from the heart. I find it to be very insulting when any PR firm sends me a blanket letter without ever reading my blog. If Ugel’s people did, they would know that I am a male blogger. I lost weight, I did it for my family, I inspire people, and I did it without Thai food, racquetball, a personal trainer or a cleanse. Does it make me better, not at all. But at least I had respect to read a little about Ugel before writing about Ugel.

But I did link Ugel’s site so he will get some hits.

What would I be if I just played the social media game?

Like everyone else I guess.


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