* “If one parent is obese, there is a 50 percent chance that the children will also be obese. However, when both parents are obese, the children have an 80 percent chance of being obese.” – American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

* “The Factor that puts children at greatest risk of being overweight is having obese parents.” –Stanford University of Medicine researchers.

* More than two-thirds of states (38 out of 50) now have adult obesity rates above 25 percent. In 1991, no state had an obesity rate above 20 percent

I do not need statistics on obesity. I do not need to hear how overweight our nation is.

I know. I did not help for a long time.

I have been overweight my whole life. I never played football as a kid, I played Madden. I did not play baseball, I collected Topps baseball cards. I sat on the side during P.E. class. I did not walk to school.

Over the last two years, I have worked out six to seven days a week. I talk about portion sizes, but there is no compromise for me at the gym.

I love going, I love being active.

I love it because I lost it all at 420 pounds.

I am passionate about being active. I am passionate about children. One of the main reasons for losing weight is the chance to have a child. I was blessed with a son 14 months ago.

Working out to me is very important. I go to a gym, but I also know that a gym can be expensive. I know that after a twelve hour day, the gym is the last thing on most people’s mind.

I also know I can write 1000 more excuses if I want to.

So it was odd that after I wrote this post about PR representatives in the blogging world and how they send out blanket letters that I got an incredibly passionate letter from Anytime Fitness.

Anytime Fitness is a 24 hour gym (hence the name) that has over 1300 locations. They decided, during “National Childhood Awareness Month” to come up with COAK (The Coalition of Angry Kids).

It is to get adults more active. For children…for themselves.

I think when it comes to obesity, we spend to much time blaming.

Large corporations, diet companies, economy, spouses, children, and yes, even ourselves.

But what are we doing? How are we helping? Blaming does nothing..actions do.

Anytime Fitness is trying to help with having people sign a pledge. A pledge that the parents of children will be more active. We will be role models. Instead of yelling that our kids need to lose weight, walk with them. Play ball with them. Cook together.

By signing their pledge, Anytime Fitness is giving a month membership free. They are also giving you a 30 minute personal training session (so you can ask any question you want about the equipment) and a 30 day trial to their website. No strings attached, no contracts to sign.

I get so many emails about the gym. Well, here is a cool way to try it out. I get nothing if you sign up or take the pledge. That is not what this is about for me. This is a way for you to try something that maybe you have not done.

Being a 24 hour gym, if you are embarrassed to go (like I was) go at an off hour.

I could have been my tough self and ignored this email, but I do think that this is something good for people who read my blog. There have been emails I have sent people with WW memberships who have been struggling. I hooked up someone to my DirectLife contact because I thought it would do them good. I do not like talking about that. That is why it truly angers me when people do not think I want to help.

I am also (GULP!!!!!) going to do a giveaway. This is going to be a weird one.

1. Take the COAK pledge (I am not going to see if you really did, but there really is nothing to lose if you do, even if you just use their website it is worth it!)

2. Tell me why you did the pledge.

For your kids.
For your spouse.
For your future kids.
For your family.
For yourself.

Really, there is no wrong answer.. Now this is where it is going to get tricky. I was going to open my comments, but I remember the last time I did a contest. It was hard to get in touch with the winners. Either their email was wrong or they left the comment anonymously.

So instead, I am going to do it through Facebook. Every day I am going update my status with

Why do you want to be more active?

And I do want to know why?

Just let everyone know, and there you go, you are entered.

You might have to “like” me for a couple of days, but hey, I will love having ya*.

*If you really do not like Facebook, then email me why you made the pledge.

One winner will win a GRUVE and a Year Subscription to AnytimeHealth.com ($180 value). It is a real cool way to track your calories, and I do think it will help a follower.

Winner will be chosen on Sunday, September 12th, 2010.

It will also be real inspiring to see why people would make a pledge to be more active.

I am changing every day. Blogging is my passion now. Helping people with my stories and experiences help me as well.

I took the pledge today. Here is my reason…..

In three years, my son will say “I want to go to the gym with Daddy!”


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