I put up a “got any questions” post on Facebook today. (Ask away! I will answer all, some in blog posts and some via Facebook message)

I plan on answering everyone of them.

The questions today have been really good. Here is one of them….

I brought cookies for work for one of my staff who is moving away. When I was bragging about how I resisted eating the cookies to a friend she questioned why I brought them in the first place since I’m so “into wellness now.” I hadn’t even thought twice about it. Should I have brought a healthy option also? Should I have brought ONLY a healthy option? Does it really matter?

I think this is a great question on so many levels.

I think it is funny that I was asked this question. So here it goes……

First, it is not good to brag to people at work. I learned that the hard way. On a blog it is safe. I think it is okay for me, The Anti-Jared, to brag on a blog called The Anti-Jared. You do not know what other people have gone through, and bragging about how well you are doing can cause a little hostility.

Wait, lets back up.

Do you think I do this?

You all think I do this!

You all think that I walk around and talk about my weight loss, how I eat broccoli and how much I work out. I probably look at people and tell them that they should work out more and eat like me.

I enjoy telling my story on here, but I rarely talk about my weight loss to anyone else. I do not know the answer to weight loss, or what healthy living is. I know that I can do more now than I could before.

I am not a health blogger. I am not a workout guru. I am not a life coach. I am a guy with an eating disorder. A guy that has eaten more food in a day than most have in a week. I am someone who unfortunately is an all or nothing guy. I wish I was not, but wishing does not get you anything, does it.

Yet with all of these setbacks I lost weight. I kept it off. I gained muscle. I will lose a little more, then I will possibly gain more muscle. The difference with me now is that at 354 when I could put on a seat belt and I could wipe my a** without laying on a bed, I was happy. At that point, there is nothing that could have put me down, just like today.

I do not want to be the guy to tell you how to eat. I will tell you I love fruits and vegetables, but I will not tell you that is the only way. Personally, it makes me feel good when I say no to cookies. Will I tell you that in person? No, only on my blog will I say that. My safe zone, where I can be the weird person I am*.

Funny story- A month ago a guest at work asked me if I have been on the Internet? They said I looked like a guy that lost a lot of weight. I just kept on staring at her. She then said, “Sorry, you just look like this guy named Antijared. He lives in Orlando and works at a restaurant, so I thought it might be you.” I looked at her and said “The Subway guy???”

I do not like talking about my weight loss to random people.

Weight loss, as Pastaqueen said, is like religion. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way.

But to take it further, I am not a preacher. I hope you do not have the same food issues I do. I do think that weight loss, or any goal in life, takes a change. But it is up to you to make that change.

I see Rev. Weight Watchers and Rev. Jenny Craig telling that they know it all. I see Rabbi Beachbody and Rabbi Zumba telling you how to workout.

If you do not get anything else from this blog, just know that being fat sucks.

Actually, not hitting a goal sucks.

Not only that, but thinking you are fat sucks. At 354, I was not fat. I could care less what you would say, I was not fat.

Stephanie (Follower who asked question), I did not answer your question.

I do not know how to actually. I think that you were nice to bring anything to work.

I am not that nice.

I think that it is not your call to decide what a healthy option is. I think that woman could have kept her comment to herself.

Here is what I do know though. I will put this up on Facebook, and the wonderful people who read my blog will answer your question. They will ignore my rant, which happens a lot, and your question will spark up conversation. I guarantee this has happened to the Heather’s of the world. The Brandi’s and the Ashley’s. Some people will think you did the right thing, others will not.

Weight loss is personal, blogging takes a community.


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