I have been blogging for over two years now. Yet, I still do not get it.

I am popular. I have people who read my blog from all over the country, and a few in different countries. People have even shortened my name from The Anti-Jared to TAJ. I am not going to lie, I like TAJ. With a last name like Posfjkdhfijwibsfakjdb, a few letters put together appeals to me.

Yet, I have to realize that I am different. I can not be like the popular bloggers. For a long time I wanted to have the charisma of Mizfit, the likability of Roni and the consistency of Jen and Jack, but I know I will not.

A few months ago, I got an email from Traineo.com They wanted to form a partnership with me. I was excited, even the email was directed to “Tony”. I wrote back immediately, and got some letter back that they wanted me to sell subscriptions to their site for 25% back.

I do not sell subscriptions. I did not get into blogging for the money, I got into it to help myself, and then eventually others. I declined their offer. Then they asked me if I would be interested in doing a “Biggest Loser” contest for them. Then they took that away, and asked me to sell subscriptions again.

Later on, I saw other bloggers selling those subscriptions. They all had their special “ANTIJ” code to put in, or whatever their blog was.

I realized something. These companies are crap. They treat all of us like crap. They want us to sell our souls for a sample. A little giveaway.

It isn’t right.

Since then, I decided to really hold off on any reviews or promotions. Most companies can not even get my name right. Why would my name be Jared if I call myself The Anti-Jared? Why would my name be theantijared.

The PR firms for these companies have no respect for weight loss bloggers. None! We are cheap. We can promote sh*t for nothing. I do not agree with it. It is not right. So skip me on your emails. I do not want to promote a hilarious weight loss book about someone in a Chinese buffet,I do not want chocolate that will help me lose weight, and I do not want to promote your program that fixes Windows 7.

So to every company that wants me to promote your product, back off! I have no desire to do so. That is not what weight loss blogging is all about. It is not about free yogurt. It is about holding ourselves accountable. Period.

To everyone who reads this, if you are blogging for money, you are in the wrong place. I do not care what those books say, if you want to take money from people who read your blog, then shame on you! Shame on everything weight loss blogging is about. This is about losing weight. Keeping it off. Making yourself feel better.

Yeah, I ask for Facebook likes. I ask for Twitter followers, but not for money. That is why I work every day. That is why I wake up to go to the gym. Why I parent my son. Why I do things for my wife. Because I am going to keep this weight off. Fame does not burn calories, and neither does money.

The truth is, I am getting popular. More and more every day. But I will not change my morals or my ethics. Maybe you agree, maybe you do not. That is the story of my blog.

At the end of the day though, I look in the mirror. In the last two years of blogging, I have made some mistakes. I have made some good decisions.

But I do not want your money. I do not want to pawn of a piece of crap to you.

I want you to know that I am a success. Just like you.


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