Weekly Weigh In- 224

Last week I was at a work conference in Tampa, FL. I won an award. It was kind of a funny award. It was “most likely to be the designated driver”.

Out of everyone at the conference, I did not drink. We all went out where there was an open bar, and I had six Dasani waters. I know what you are saying. Yes, I could have stopped at five.

They were so delicious though!

Everyone in life makes a “poor decision”* when it comes to healthy living. Maybe we ate something off plan. Maybe we skipped a workout. Maybe a cheat meal turned into so much more.

*I put “poor decision” in quotations for a reason. I can not tell you what a “poor decision” is. It is different for everyone. But you know what is right or wrong for your goals.

Now this is where it gets weird.

I do not think you should ever feel guilty for a “poor decision”. It happens. We all do it. That is why I say everyone is perfect. We learn from them. We get better because of them. One “poor decision” does not define our journey.

Yet…….. I absolutely hate when people say they do not care. When they yell “So What!” at the top of there lungs like they are the kings of the world.

They are not accountable for their actions.

They say the same thing.

“I ate so much…I drank so much…I skipped a workout…….BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!”

Was it worth it?

If you believed that it would be great. But today is Monday. Monday usually has the most self loathing posts for weight loss. The fresh start day! I know I can do this…..Monday is a new day…… You know, there are six others days that are new every week.

It was not worth it to you. You are lying to yourself.

But Monday is a new week, right?

Do not worry, there are 52 of them every year. 52 weekends also FYI.

Learn from the decisions you make. Right or wrong, we are all growing.

Just do not lie to yourself.

Like I did……for so many years.


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