Weigh in- 225

Today’s post is going to be a few random things and thoughts……

1. I changed my weigh in to Sundays. I am doing it because Jack Sh*t and Jen are doing it, so I thought, I am not that popular to be different. So Sundays are my new Fun-Days!

I really never talk about my weigh in’s. I post them on here just to track really. I have learned that habits throughout the week are more important than the scale number. If my habits are poor, then it does not matter if I lost weight for a week, I will gain it back the next week. It is such a mind game.

I did make the commitment to get down to 205 by the end of the year. I want to do it slowly so I do not lose the muscle I put on. I can lose weight very quickly, that is not my intention.

I have been tracking for the last week. I am doing it with Sparkpeople. They have great tracking systems in place, and it is free.

2. I have a guest blogger post in Diets In Review. I wrote a couple of things last year for them. I am trying to write things that might not fit in my blog. I am trying to do a once a month post about something that will help. Today I wrote about the meaning of skinny and how it sometimes can warp a dieter’s self image. If you like it, press the “like” button on it. I told Brandi and Carmen (The editors) that I would get some views. I did sell myself pretty good to them, so help me out!

Also, let me know if you have any ideas. I wrote the post because a blogger wrote me a few times and asked me why I did not want to be skinny.

3. I have some Vlogs I am going to put up. A lot of them actually. I might be in an article about the iPhone4 and how it will change my blog. It is true, I am only on the computer for an hour to blog. When I am at the gym, I can vlog, blog, tweet, Facebook, read every blog in my Google Reader and even watch an episode of The Office on Hulu Plus! Every week though I am going to talk about my habits, little odds and ends and other topics while wearing a fancy skull cap.

4. No one really ever says it, but I really do not like when a blogger leaves the community. It makes me mad. It should not, it is silly, but I am honest, and that is how I feel. Rarely do bloggers leave and come back and say “Everything is FANNNNTASTIC!”
But what is even harder for me is seeing a blogger come back. The passion is watered down. The drive might not be there as it once was. The confidence is kind of around.

That is until I read Fat Daddy’s most recent post. After a two month break, he came back with a strong piece. I relate so much to what he wrote, and I hope he writes more often, because his posts really do speak to me.

5. I am really glad so many people like the “Lick My Kettleballs” post. Most do not know where the name came from. Out of the 9200 followers I have on Twitter, only 100 are humans. The other 9100 are robots who want me to have a better sex life. Are these robots talking to people I know!

But I try to write original tweets on there. And my favorite one was…

“Should I be offended that the trainer told me to lick his kettleballs?”

6. After two years, it still irritates me when I see Google Ads on weight loss blogs. Yeah, I know, I am in the minority. People need to pay for hosting, domains, etc. People can make money with blogs, some people need it to keep their blog up, etc.

At the end of the day, could you quit your job by blogging? I look at the most popular weight loss bloggers out there, and all of them have a day job.

How guilty would I feel if someone came to my blog, clicked on an ad, and got a virus on their computer.

Blogging is for me. I am the one with the eating problem. I am the one that needs to stay on track. I invited everyone into my life. This is not one of those pyramid schemes where I invite you in and want something from you. You are in my house, make yourselves at home, and enjoy. I bought the snacks. If a corporation wants to sponsor my party, well, maybe. But for now, I have enough Fritos for everyone.

7. If I have ignored a friend request for Facebook, please do not be offended. I have not been on my personal page in quite some time.
I am doing everything through the FanPage. It is so much easier to respond and answer questions. Plus, I know you are dying to know if I like almonds, right?

That is all. I have been blogging much more frequently than a couple of months ago. I want to thank everyone who has been reading and leaving me shout-outs on FB. It really has been fun to show you the fun side of myself.


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