Yeah, I did it.

Believe it or not I did it!!!

I made up a challenge.

I made a name for it, I invited people to join in.

I did a full fledged blogging challenge.


It all started so innocently. I saw a post that my friend Jack wrote.

I saw that he was going up and down the scale a little bit.

I saw that I was doing the same even though I made a goal to get to 205 by the end of the year.

So I decided to tell him that we should lose weight together, kind of a fun thing.

I even came up with a name. “All Losers” challenge.

Ehh, I can not lie, I like the name.

I wrote about it, and then I got a lot of emails, Facebook, and Twitter updates from people about joining in as well.

Here is what happens when you issue a challenge.

Some people just join a challenge to join. I call them the “totally in” peeps.

They are totally in, then the do totally nothing.

Kind of the “all the cool kids are doing it” thing.

There are some who take it way to seriously, the “kick butt masters”.

They just want to “kick butt”! Who’s butt are they kicking? It does not matter, anything to kick butt!!

But there are some who do need it. They need that small push. They need a little motivation. Like me!

Something small. Maybe they do not want to share their weight, maybe the do not want to be recognized, but they want to be challenged.

So I thought about it and realized that if I put everyone on a list and post it every week it will do not good. Some will drop out, some will be bummed, and some will be offended that their name is not “on the list”.

But ever week I do want to recognize some people who have decided to push themselves….

People like Diana. I have known Diana since the beginning of my blogging days. She is a hard working, workout rock star which shows with her over 65 pound loss. She has a great blog, one that I read every time she posts. She needs a little push like me. When she is on her game though, no one is stronger. I am glad she decided to join!

People like Lyn. Lyn is one of the best weight loss blogger out there. She documents her life, weight loss, wins and losses with the world. Her blog has changed over the last few months to such a positive inspiration. She has lost a great deal of weight, and I know she will keep it off. I wish she would show her face in pictures, I would love to see her smile for being successful!

If you would like to join the “All Losers” challenge you can do so any time. Set a weight loss goal and hit it by December 31st. Drop me an email, Facebook or Twitter update because I am curious about your goals.

That is it, it is easy. no prizes except losing weight.

Remember this is a challenge, not a contest.

Although……Jack, I did work out for 6 hours today.

Just sayin!!!!


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