Over the last two years , I have been called some mean names.

Narcissistic, stupid, jerk, self-serving, rude, mean, bald, short, and yes, even fat.

Some of the comments have angered me. Some have made me lash out. Some have made me want to lash out.

Yet, with all of these comments, not one of them has made me want to put myself down.

Not ever again.

I hate when people put themselves down. Absolutely hate it.

I realized why I hated the word fat. Honestly, fat does not bother me. It is what comes after it that bothers me. Stupid, lazy, ugly.

Why do we put ourselves down?

Why…because it is easy. It is a cop out.

Believe it or not, but complimenting yourself is not easy. When someone has called you fat your whole life, it is hard to say you look hot. That you are a rock star. It is much easier to agree with the jerks who make comments to bring up their self worth.

Yet, it will never change unless you change. You have to look in the mirror and see the beauty in yourself. It is easy to pick out your faults, but not so easy to pick out your strengths. How funny you are, how pretty you are. The sexy way you walk, the way you shoot a basketball.

You are not conceded if you compliment yourself. That is a huge misconception. You are conceded if you think you are better than others. That you are great, and everyone else is not close to your level. Most people who are “conceded” have low self esteem. The way they bring themselves up is putting people down.

You can think highly of yourself and others. I have a great blog, along with thousands of others. I look good in a tank top, just like thousands of others. I have a great wife. I guarantee if I asked a thousand husbands, they would say the same about their wives. Well, I would hope so anyway.

Putting yourself down just makes it easy for others to do the same. I guarantee you are pretty, beautiful, hot, sexy, strong, etc. It means nothing if you truly do not believe the same about yourself.

So think about that before you exploit all of your negative aspects. Find your positive aspects.

Although I lost a lot of weight, gained muscle, etc, the best part of this whole journey is that I found a great person.

One that I can share with all of you.


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