I am in a really good place in blogging right now. I am popular, but not famous. I have a good amount of followers, yet not so many where I have to censor what I say. I am able to have a silly blog post here or there because people know I will have one from the heart a few days later.

I rarely talk about this, but my blog is inspired by others.

Mizfit is one of them.

Mizfit has a very popular blog. She is so huge to the community of weight loss bloggers. She talks about a variety of items, does giveaways, asks questions, has a podcast, etc.

I have written her a few times, but never got a response to my email.

I think I have the wrong address.

I have sent her a Twitter message before, but did not get a reply.

Yet, whenever there is a post written about me, she is the first to comment with “Luv me some Anti-Jared”. So I do think her respect for me is the same I have for her.

She taught me about branding. Making a name for yourself on your blog. When people leave here, knowing who you are and what you are about. Over the last two years that is exactly what I have tried to do.

Mizfit= Up in heere…#miztastic….huge arms….workout skirts…..running in Vegas…..goes to every conference…..Tornado…..Dr. Seuss….cue confetti…mega giveaways.

Anti-Jared= Hoodies….5:45am workouts…..apples…..chef……420 pounds….wiping a**……double spacing and poor grammar….inspiration…..anger…lick my kettleballs…..beg for followers.

She inspired a lot of what I do. So has so many others.

Without Roni, my Facebook page would not be popular. When she asked the same question I did (Quick….what was the last fruit you ate…inspired by The Anti-Jared) on her page, I realized that I had something great. She gave me the confidence. Now, a day has not gone by that I have not asked a question. Some are silly, some are fun. But a “Fanpage” is not about me, it is about the great people who made my blog what it is.

So many others have made me who I am. I always say if one person you do not know loves what you do, many more will as well. There are those who can not stand me. I do not blame them. Some of my writing is very one-sided. It does not make sense to someone.

That was never the intention of my blog. I started to do it to help me. That is still the main reason why I write what I do.

I also want to help people who were like me. Who do not think there is a chance. Who are strong, yet do not realize it. Whether you think I am special or not, I do inspire people. I am a role-model for some. I do not try to be, but sometimes I see it. People who try to be inspirational all the time come off fake. If I came off fake, I would get emails about it.

There are a lot of role models out there, for many reasons. My brother inspires me, my wife and son inspire me, my parents and my in-laws inspire me. Weight loss is inspiring, but people who overcome obstacles inspire me, more than you know.

Every month I send an email to Blogher and Mamavation. I send these emails to see if I can be a part of their “club”.

I never get a reply.

Yet, I tell them that 94% of the people who follow me on Facebook are women. My blog is not about fitness…working out…dieting…drinking with the guys..etc.

It is about loving yourself. It is about being the person you should be. Have you ever gone to someone and told them they are beautiful. Then they look at you and say “No I am not”.

That was me in the mirror for so many years.

Inspiration and Role-Models has nothing to do with weight. It has nothing to do with working out. It has everything to do with the person you are.

Can bloggers be role-models?

Of course.

Maybe not to everyone, but I guarantee you that someone is inspired by your story. Your honesty. You beauty.

It is funny. You might think that I beg for a “Thumbs Up” all the time.

You are right!

Every day I get four of them from people I inspire.

My wife and my son.


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