It has happened so many times.

I would write a post that was from the heart.

Something that would bring up hard memories of being morbidly obese. I would write it and wonder if I could post it.

While writing it I would sometimes hold back the tears, but sometimes I would just cry. Finally I would finish and post.

I would wait for that first comment.

The one that someone actually got what I wrote.

They understood the pain, the passion I went through. They knew what I was talking about.

Then I would get my first comment.

It was from someone who wanted to exchange “links”, ask how many meals I ate, or that I use too many exclamation points!!!!!!

And with that, I bring you “Lick My Kettleballs” part 2- Blah, Blah, Blah!!!

1. Grammar- I get it. Sometimes I do not capitalize my I’s or the first word of a sentence. Sometimes I misuse too or their. Sometimes my sentences are not well written. I am a blogger, not a great technical writer.
With that being said, who are you? When did you become the editor for The New York Times? Because you got a B- in Language Arts did not make you become interesting. Is my blog that hard to read? Well, there are many more to choose from. i am sure they will have better grammar about what people ate all day and how wonderful organic food is.

2. Comments- My comments are off on the blog. They have been off for two months and will not come back on. To be honest, it is really the way Blogger does comments. I just do not like it.

I have not shunned people away. I have other avenues to reach me and people who read me.
Now, if you do not like Facebook I understand. But if you do not understand how to use it, well, that is a different story. I can not figure out how you would have a blog, a smart-phone, email, yet you can not “get” Facebook. Both my parents and my dog have it. If you do not want to “like” me, I am okay with that. I probably would not want to see “Quick, peaches or plums” everyday as well!

3. It felt good- You worked out. You are proud, I am proud. We all are proud.
Do you really have to tell us it felt good. What if it did not feel good? Would you tell us that as well.

4. Perfect Diet- THERE IS NO PERFECT DIET!!!! Stop telling me about the latest and greatest diet. What works for you will not work for me. What works for me will not work for you, period. I do not need to defend the way I eat and neither do you!

5. The Dancers!- There really needs to be a special about who is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. It is that interesting? I really want to see if former UNC star Rick Fox wants to dance every night on ABC?

6. Re Tweets- Stop RTing everything. If you are on Twitter, can you please be creative? I do not care if Facebook is merging with Borders to come up with Bookbook!

7. Social Media- I get emails from CEO’s, CFO’s and executives from social media groups wanting to help me get my name out there. They wear sleek business suits, high heels, nice loafers, and expensive watches!
I wear a hoodie and a K-Mart polo. I clean urine and vomit at work. I shop at Wal-mart, and I promise I have more exposure on Twitter and Facebook than your social media group does. Plus, I have a dog!

I saw 2 minutes of some “Bachelor Pad” show that my wife was watching yesterday. I saw a bunch of women cry because they did not realize how the other people on the show looked at them.

I can be such a one-sided jerk.
One that thinks very highly of himself, who is inconsistent in his writing, one that no one understands.

Some people see that.

Most see me for who I am.

I am lucky that most can get through that part of me and see what my wife sees in me.

For the rest… the title.


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