So here is a weird fact.

I have written over 550 posts.

Yet, I only wrote 27 of them while losing 180 pounds.

Believe it or not, I am kind of private. There was a time where I did not want to tell everyone about my weight loss journey. This was something so personal, I did not want to bring people into my life. In fact, I did not tell my parents I was losing weight until I lost 120 pounds.

I have not lost any weight since March of 2009. Most of you know me as The Anti-Jared. Very few know me as Tony, the guy who got kicked out of WW, Yahoo, and Sparkpeople forums for promoting his blog.

Weight loss……..I have talked about losing a few pounds recently after “gaining muscle”.

I have had a few “Day Ones” over the last few months.

But I have not really gotten to show you how I lose weight.

In fact, although I am an “open book”, I do not talk about weight loss that much.

What??????? That is all you talk about!!

Is it though? Do I talk about my workouts or do I talk about going to workout? Do I talk about what I ate for lunch, or that I ate lunch?

Sometimes I feel like my blog is like “Mad Libs”. People read it, fill in their own words and form an opinion. So many times, people read a post so differently than I wrote it.

That is what I explained to my wife, to some people, The Anti-Jared is not about me. It is about someone losing weight. No specifics, just a guy hitting his goals.

Very few of you have been with me since the beginning. If you have, you would know the big difference in my writing. I never liked to blog before, I just wrote a quick little post and moved on.

I remember my first “Day One”. It was February, 24, 2008. I got back from Weight Watchers and my wife asked me how I liked it. I remember exactly what I said…..

“This stays between me and you. I do not want anyone else to know about my losing weight. For three months, do not have ANYTHING I can snack on in the house. Let me build my tolerance for food. The weight will come off quickly. I have a feeling I will lose 200 pounds in a year.”

I was right.

Most of you did not start following me until all the weight was gone.

In fact, when I lost 200 pounds, I had 98 Google followers, I had 143 Twitter followers, and Facebook was just for family.

People always said “The hardest part about weight loss is when you maintain, no one roots you on every week.”

Few rooted me on while I was losing weight, most did it after I lost it.

So this is going to be weird for me and interesting for you.

I am now officially losing weight.

I am 226 and I want to lose “those pesky 25 pounds”.

Man, that sounds great! Pesky 25 pounds!!!!

Better than 226 pounds.

I started this week. I had a real “Day One” on Monday, and I know how smooth it goes for me.

I have my own plan, tracking on an iPhone app that scans UPC labels.

It will be weird not seeing Barbara every week to weigh me in or looking at points, but this is my journey, not WW. I could have done this with any weight loss company, and got compensated for it, but at the end of the day, this is my journey.

Stop by every so often to see if I am all blog talk or I actually will do this. I am sure that the crowd is 50%/50% on it.

Good thing I am 100% on it.


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