One of my favorite movies is Goodfellas.

It is one of those movies that I will watch no matter what time it is on HBO. I can quote a lot of lines, and I never get bored with it.

Yet, have you ever seen the movie on regular TV? It is horrible. It is edited like crazy, there are no swear words, which make the movie what it is, and well, it is not the same.

And that is the fear of my story now.

I love weight loss blogs.

I am not just saying that, I truly love reading weight loss blogs.

They are all honest. I relate to all of them in one way or another. There is no hidden agenda in a true weight loss blog. Just a man/woman telling their story, their ups and downs, and for advice.

Most just ask for readers as a payment.

Small bills known as comments, tweets about their post, maybe even a like here or there.

Stories in major magazines are not the same, they are trendy.

You know, the guy who can not control himself at the buffet. The woman who can not believe she ever weighed 175. The couple who lost weight together with Nutrasystem.

It is a lot of fluff.

Yet, that is what I wanted to be. In a magazine, the WW magazine.

Why? My blog is so much better.

My blog is different than that. At least I hope it is.

Hmmm, I know it is!

A year ago, after I spoke to the WW PR representatives, I would have done anything to be in their magazine. In a way, I am very glad it never happened.

WW did nothing wrong. They were never rude to me, never treated me with disrespect.

It was me.

Every time I would write how much I loved WW (Which I knew they read) on my blog I would get angered that their website never had anyone over 200 pounds on it. I would not write about it, just move on.

When I would talk about how much points meant to me, I would see Jenny McCarthy try to be inspirational. It bothered me.

When people would tell me to tone it down if I wanted to be part of mainstream, I would meet a three time 23 year old WW member who was a leader after losing 10 pounds.

I could not do it anymore. I could not hold it in.

I am not good at playing the game. Because 420 pound Tony would not appreciate it.

I want to tell my story my way. Where I was in a rush to make it BIG, I have all the time in the world. Where my blog was only read by WW members, now there are different readers.

I wanted to know there were people who could not put on a seat belt. Who could not control their eating at night. Who were food addicts like me.

I think I made a choice a little while ago. I could be that guy that talks about the HILARIOUS free bread at restaurants.

But instead, I am so happy to be in this great blogging world where I can relate to your true struggles.

Just like mine.


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