So today I got a couple of emails telling me that I was great. I do not usually get those kind of emails. They were telling me that they did not care what the other blogger said, just keep it up.

The other blogger?

They gave me a link of some blog I have not read before. There is a blogger who decided to call me wonderful terms such as “Obnoxious F*ck” and “Little Mother F*cker“. He was upset at the things I have written lately. I was a scumbag. My post today drew him over the edge.

People really do not know me. I give you a fun part of my life. I write to entertain. Maybe it is for myself, maybe for the many who read me.

I have never read or known anything about this blogger before. Nothing, nada.

His blog looked like a normal blog. The post before that was where he celebrated a 100 pound loss. On the side of the blog, he had a couple of blog awards. He had a blogroll with bloggers I read. Nothing out of the ordinary.

In my time as a blogger, no one ever printed those things about me. In fact, I have never seen those terms used about other bloggers.

Here was the scary part. He referenced me as short, twice. About a year ago, I would always talk about how I was short and bald. You would never know I was short from my pictures. That means he has read a lot of my posts.

He was a fan.

That is scary.

I am an entertainer. I write things to make you think, laugh, cry, whatever.

I have never read any weight loss post that gave me that much anger. Made me use those kind of words on someone else. Have I been upset….sure.

Not enough to degrade someone.

I am not going to link this guy. Why, so my die hard fans can go and yell and humiliate him? He can get more hits on his blog?

I do not promote hatred.

You want to read a good blog, read this one by my friend.

Watch what you put in print. It does not go away. It defines the person you are.

Truthfully, I could care less if anyone did like me…….

But I have class. I had it at 420 pounds, and I have it now.

Losing weight changed me in one way. I am able to stand up to the bullies.


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