I get emails a lot from diet companies.

Because I am a member of a lot of different forums, I receive letters about interviews, trying new pills, and talking about my “secrets”.

Today I got an email titled “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”. Basically, it was how stupid people (which obviously is me) can lose weight. I only read a little because I was not going to pay $20 to download the whole thing. But they were going to help me!!!!

The best part of the whole email was this picture.

Now, I have seen a ton of different pictures, but this one is the best in my opinion.

Here it is! A cute girl looking confused. In one hand, she has a piece of cake. In the other hand, she has carrots. She is looking at the carrots, but should she eat the entire bunch of carrots or enjoy the piece of cake?

I mean, it is a tough one. Keep in mind, she has a piece of cake and delicious carrots. Maybe she can eat both, and call it carrot cake?

Ahhhh, that would not make sense. She has a choice, carrots or cake?

Or…maybe she can take those carrots and shove them……..

You know something…….this is the problem. This is why I blog. This is why we need to blog. Because weight issues will always be around. But if we stop being honest, if we tell others this is easy, if we act like we know everything, this is what will happen. These are the people who will be telling our stories. Sellouts and fakes.

Stupidity in weight loss? We will be holding the carrots and the cake like jackasses. Like this girl, who really should get a nicer shirt.

So to all the SENSA selling jerks, and lovers of diet pills. To everyone who talks about one simple rule and the Acai Berry. To everyone who wants to give me a diet cookie. To all who wants to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, guaranteed!!!!

To all who thinks I am so f*cking stupid that I am forced with the decision of carrots and cake every day…..

You can bite my two point snack in my Haggars!

Problem is, there are no more Teddy Grahams.


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