The Anti-Jared- 226 lbs.
Jack Sh*t- 212.3 lbs.

I do not like The Biggest Loser.

This is something I have said many times.

But I realize why I do not like it. It is not because of Jillian or Bob or the contestants. It is not because everything I see in weight loss has a “Biggest Loser” sticker on it and everyone outside of weight loss thinks that is the only way to lose weight.

No, I do not like it because it is a contest. Weight loss in my mind should not be a contest. If you lose any weight, you have won. If you hit a goal, you have won. There can be more than one winner.

In fact, there are many winners. I am sure if you are reading this you are a winner.

Because you lose more weight than someone else does not make you better. I have heard that 200 pounds is different than losing 20 pounds. I might have even said it before. I was wrong.

Sure, my mentality is different. But it still takes determination and persistence to lose any kind of weight.

So I have challenged myself. I have been bulking up over the last year. I have maybe missed 20 days of working out over the last year and a half. I eat the right things. But I have eaten a lot of them. My goal is to be at 200-205 by the end of the year. That is not an unrealistic goal.

But I can not keep on saying I am going to do it, and then slack on tracking food*.

*Two months now my wife has tracked on Sparkpeople. Lost over 14 pounds.

So I also challenged Jack Sh*t. Truth be told, he is probably the best friend I have here in weight loss blogging land. I email him a lot about different things. I always said I would not know the real name of a good friend.

But I also read his blog. I see inconsistencies every week, like me. I see positive comments, like I get. But sometimes a friend needs to say that I see a lot through posts parodying Dr. Seuss and Billy Joel.

I see that maybe it is time to get focused again, for two people.

Two winners.

So I have come up with the “All Losers Challenge”.

Simple, write down your weight now, write down what you want to weigh by December 31st, 2010 and then do it.

I am thinking about adding more names to the list of two up top, but not sure how many people would want to do this with us.

Every week I am going to post my weight and Jack’s with a small commentary.

Is this something you would like to do? Well, I still am not opening comments, but I will post this on Facebook, you can @ me on Twitter, you can email me, and I am sure Jack would forward things to me as well.

But for now, I need to hit my goal.


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