I do not think there is a lamp that I have not rubbed to see if a genie would pop out.

I love wishes.

I love that genies grant three wishes.

They always remind you to “Be careful what you wish for!”

I think after rubbing so many lamps I have come to the conclusion that there is no “genie”.

But I do believe that wishes can come true.

I do think that people can work hard to get what they want in life.

Guys marry the woman of their dreams.
People come up with great ideas that they sell to huge companies.
Women who try so long to get pregnant finally see two lines on the pregnancy stick.

Maybe it is a little luck. Maybe it is persistence. Maybe it is determination.

I do believe that anything is possible. There is no limit to what people can do.

That has a lot to do with weight loss.

There are so many people who wish they would lose weight.

They talk about how great it is to be thin. How people would look at them differently if they looked “normal”.

But maybe they feel that it is impossible.

They ate their way to 420 pounds. Every day they want to eat better, something comes up. Maybe the Chinese leftovers should not go to waste. Maybe there is a birthday party to go to where there is a “to die for” cake. Maybe it is just too hard.

There is also something about making strong decisions.

Saying no to certain foods. Working out instead of sleeping in. Writing down what you eat when you tell yourself “Uhhh, I am not doing this for the rest of my life!”

After the first day, although hard, it becomes possible. The food tastes better, the workouts become fun. 420 goes to 406, then 399. Your wife might root you on. Of course she would, she is your wife.

Then you get your first compliment.

Not from someone you know, but someone that has not seen you for a while….

“Hey, um, are you losing weight?”

Then 50 pounds is lost. 75 pounds down. Walking gets easier. You sweat less. You have this swagger when you walk. Why not walk with confidence, 300 pounds is less that 420.

Then you keep on. Although hard, life is fun. You did not realize how much you missed running. Hugging people where they can get their arms around you. Sitting Indian style on the floor.

Then something that was hard, something so impossible……. happened. 200 pounds is lost.

My wife does this annoying thing when she wants me to do something. She tells me “You lost 200 pounds, you can do ANYTHING!!!! (FYI, she rolls her eyes when she does this!)”

She is not far off. I can.

Plus, I have two wishes left.


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