“What is healthy?”

It was the question that was asked a couple of months ago. It really should be an easy answer, right. I mean, we all strive to be healthy.

That is one of our “weight loss” goals.
It is what my wife wanted me to be.
That is what I wanted to be.
That is what I am. Healthy. Right?

“What is healthy?”

Jen asked this question. She is my favorite blogger. That is kind of weird for me to say, right. When you ask someone who their favorite blogger is they give you this “Oh, there are so many and I like them all for so many reasons….”.

No, Jen is my favorite blogger. There are blogs that hit home harder than hers to me. There are bloggers that make me laugh harder than she does. There are posts that inspire me more than hers. Yet, she is my favorite. I have written to her maybe 10 times in two years. I have written about her more than that. She is strong. She has gone through a lot over the last year. Yes, we all have our issues, but she makes no excuses. She works through them.

When you know you are strong, and you do not even realize how strong you are, you are inspiring. She inspires me. She is my favorite blogger.

“What is healthy?”

There was a time where my I carried a bottle of cologne with me because I smelled. It was hard for me to take a shower. Going to the bathroom was a production. I had to go to the handicap stall, whether it was for number one or number two. It was hard for me to wipe myself. When basic functions are taken away from you, so is your self worth. It is hard to inspire when you can not do something a normal person can do.

“What is healthy?”

Jen is in SHAPE magazine. It is always cool when one of us makes it into the outside world. We are so good about making awards, doing conferences, guest posting, and commenting with each other. but when I saw Jen in SHAPE magazine, it hit me. It was real. The person I was inspired by is getting out to more people. Her story is out for the masses. Page 140, next to a Special K cracker ad. Most of the titles are so catchy, yet she got the best one.

Hers is “I lost the weight….my way”

Her way…her way.

“What is healthy?”

When I was at the gym the other day, I was on the ArcTrainer for 60 minutes. I was not done. I wanted to do more. But instead, I went on the treadmill. I ran. I do not run. I rarely run. I never could before. I would walk. Walk in the rain. Walk when I was in a rush. Run? No, not for me.
But I did. At one point, I held on to the rails. I do not know why, I was not out of breath. I can not tell you that it felt good, but it did feel weird. A good weird.

“What is healthy?”

I remember when I would cough blood. I had enough issues when I was 400 pounds. My heart rate was through the roof, my cholesterol was high. But I would walk, cough, and blood would come out. That is when I got scared. That is when I realized I was on a suicide mission. It sounds crazy now. How I love so many fruits and vegetables, and I was 420 pounds before. What if I was not here? I would miss out on a family, my friends here. How many people I have come across, you would have never known me. Formed an opinion. Never.

“What is healthy?”

Earlier this year, Jen wrote a post called “Damn Candy”. I wrote a comment on that post. I rarely write comments. I saw she was getting frustrated with food. We all do. We always will. Now that I look back, the comment did not help. She helped. She did it for herself, just like I did. We all have issues to work on. We all have our demons. But the successful ones square dance with the demons. She danced like no one was watching. I have done the same.

“What is healthy”

Two years ago I was 420 pounds. I have written about it plenty. But what about two years from now. Will I be on TV? Will I have a book out? Will I work in Corporate America as a social media butterfly? Will I be a restaurant manager? Chef? Fireman?
Will I blog? Will I inspire people? Will I quit when it gets hard? When food looks better, when working out is not as fun?

Only time will tell. I am in a good place right now.

But I do not know what is healthy.

I know what is happy.

And that is what I am.

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