There is a funny thing about perception……

“I have tried to lose weight so many times. I lose than gain. Lose than gain. I am great with portion sizes, but I do not want to do it for the rest of my life”

“I wish I was on the Biggest Loser. Jillian and Bob would whip me into shape. I would be famous and lose weight, what a win/win combination! I can not do this alone, someone needs to help me.”

“I do not have time to lose weight. I work over 60 hours a week. Going to the gym for 20 minutes, that is laughable. Do my work for me and maybe I can have time.”

“Tony Horton looks amazing! I wish I looked like him. Should I buy his program?”

“I just got back front he gym. I went a minute on the treadmill. This is not for me. I do not understand how people go to the gym all the time.”

“I eat fruits. I got a mango smoothie at Taco Bell.”

“I will always be fat”

“People will think I am weak, because I have no willpower.”

” I do not have a personal training license. I can not give advice.”

“I have never played a sport.”

“How can I inspire others when I can not inspire myself”

“200 pounds is way to much to lose. Maybe I should get surgery.”

“I will start eating better after Labor Day.”

“I just read a book……”

“I heard about this pill…..”

“This is not for me….”

Once you change perception….you change reality

My name is Tony. I lost a lot of weight, more than Jillian Michaels weighs today. I gained a lot of muscle.I thankfully gained confidence. I respectfully gained strength.
This journey is hard. Not impossible, but hard. It does not get easier once the weight is off. A bad day can ruin a year of work. A holiday can destroy a dream.
I do not have a certificate on my wall. I can tell you that my work outs have worked. For me, my best client.
Because it never gets easier does not mean I can not help or inspire. It does not mean that I have to be a spectator while athletes and fitness gurus steal the show. It is not their show. We are the ones that star in this. We are the ones that produced this.
But we stand by. We allow it. We allow Sensa to become a hot seller. We let Kim Kardashian sell diet pills. We let Wesley Snipes and Chuck Norris sell us a Total Gym.
We are not weak. We are not pawns. We are the ones that drive weight loss. We let people write down pages and pages of the same thing, and we take it. Six small meals, 64 oz of water. We get it. If it were that easy, everyone would be thin. There is more to it. Much more.
We need to find it in ourselves what it is. Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy will not inspire me. No one can. I need to.
I need to do it for me. My family. I can not be so unhealthy that I can not play with my son. Have him write Richard Simmons to help me. I need to do this for myself.
We all do. We all have something that drives us….
But it is up to us to find it…not Corporate America.

We let people write our destiny. Maybe it is time we wrote our own.

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