“You sure you do not want some? It is not that bad.”
“You do not drink?”
“We are going to hang out, you want to come.”

When I am at home I have a routine. I wake up early, work out, make food, go to work, have food there, and come home. It is easy, it is comfortable.

This is not as easy. I am at a conference. I am in rooms with unlimited snacks and soda. I have breakfasts where the danishes outweigh the fruit. The gym is a treadmill, an elliptical machine and some free weights. Very few free weights.

Yet, I know the drill. This is my life. I know what I need to do to succeed.

When I talk about food here I get cheers. I get brave metals. I get big Woots!

Here, they see a pretty muscular man. It is confusing to them. I do not explain. I give them the Popeye “I am what I am.” Most people just look. They think I am a little weird.

They are wrong. I am a lot of weird. Who works out when there is free beer? Who eats salad when there is BBQ? Who has apples in his pockets?

I do.

This is full time. This is the way I live my life. Maybe I am strong, maybe I am powerful. I know what I am not, and that is fat. No one will call me lazy. Not anymore.

It is not as hard as it was before. There are days that I wish I was like normal people. Eat a cheeseburger and stop. Get full from a small milkshake.

But I am not. I have not been for some time. I over eat. I changed my life, and I have not seen a negative aspect of it. I play with my son, I am considered a hard worker. I am succeeding.

We went to dinner tonight, and I swear the only food out there was fried. Everything was fried!
My wife was nervous. She knows I will not eat it. I would go after and eat something a little more my style.
All of the sudden, a plate of three chicken breasts and spinach came in front of me. The waitress said “No oil, baked.”
I looked up and a woman who I have known for some time smiled at me. She is the only one who knew 420 pound Tony.

“I am so proud of you.”

I smiled.

I am pretty proud of myself as well.


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