So for the past year and a half, I have been gaining muscle. I would say I have been trying, but I believe that I have done so.

I am bigger. I am stronger.

This was a hard transition from my “weight loss” journey. I have read a lot of books about gaining muscle, and most of it is from former athletes. I am not an athlete. I just enjoy going to the gym.

But I think I should share some tips with you.

Building Muscle Tips:

1. Scale– I have gone back and forth about the scale. During weight loss, I do think it is important to use a scale. For me, I liked doing it once a week. Some people do it every day, but to each his/her own. Th scale is important because there is no better feeling that a lower number popping up after you have had a week where you know your eating has been great. Where you have been active.
Now, for building mass, I did not use a scale. It was counterproductive. It is hard to see that you are gaining weight after losing so much. I did away with the scale. I have not weighed myself since March of last year. I had to have confidence in my eating. In how clothes felt. In the size of my arms, etc. It was hard, but I did see results at the gym.

2. Advice– Everyone in weight loss has their own advice. People love to tell you what they have done, what you are doing wrong, and what you are doing right.
I got a lot of advice about working out and eating. I had to listen to my heart during this. My work outs were great. I was not going to switch to some new HIIT because Mary and Sue were rocking it out. I had to stay consistent.

3. Food– I do feel the most important part of gaining muscle is what you put in your system. It does no good to eat 1200 calories a day and expect to gain muscle. Where I felt my body maintained at 2800 calories, I would eat 3000-3100 calories. I would stick with fruits, vegetables, beans, meats and low fat dairy (cottage cheese, FAGE, etc.)
I focused on protein. I always made sure to get 200 grams of protein in a day. I focused on fiber. 35 grams a day at the minimum. I did not weigh out every portion, but I was conscious of what I ate.
Were there days I overate? Of course! Switching my foods was so important because there will be times I will eat more than normal. But for me, there is a difference between eating 3000 calories of McDonald’s and 800 calories extra of grapes and chicken.

4. Fat– When you gain muscle, you will also gain fat. I am not using steroids, so I am not gaining mega muscle. That is hard when you work so hard to lose fat, but it happens.

5. Working out– In the last 16 months, I have missed the gym maybe 30 days. I go 6-7 times a week. Keep in mind that in the last 16 months….

I worked over 60 hours a week
Wife had a baby
Switched Jobs
Parent Baby

Maybe that is why I am not the best person to tell “I just do not have time”.
My workouts always included cardio. I do not believe in on/off days. I think that cardio is an important part of working out. The food you put in your body is a big part of building muscle.
I try to work out with free weights. I do not like machines. Only for cardio. I did like circuit training to lose weight, but I feel that the extra cardio helps now.
I do go to the gym 90-120 minutes a day. I have a very, very, very understanding wife who pushes me to go as well.

I did not do this alone, she is a big part of my journey.

So now is my next phase. I am going to SLOWLY trim down to show off the new muscle I built.

I am going to guess that I am around 220 pounds now. I have probably gained 10-13 pounds of muscle over the last year and a half, which I am thrilled with.

I am inviting you to come with me on this journey. On July 12th, I am going to weigh in…on this!

I call this OMG!
Actually, this is the scale at my local Publix. They all have one, and I would weigh myself on it after every WW meeting because I did not believe the receptionist.

The scale goes to 300 pounds, and I remember how proud I was when I was able to weigh myself on it!

I am in no rush to lose weight.I am not going to lose the muscle I have gained.

Each week, I will also post a new picture. You will see a difference every week!

If I gain a week, I am fine with it. There are no sob stories on this blog. I am proud of what I have done, and excited about my future.

Future…I like the sound of that.

I also am going to start talking more about what I eat, how I work out. I am going to answer questions*. I have no secrets.

I am also going to start doing a weekly VLOG.

* I have answered the loose skin question before, my answer has not changed.

Just like this inspirational dandy!

Okay…maybe not.

I am done with WW. I can inspire more people on here than I could as a leader.
My eating is not like South Beach anymore.
I do not need to compare myself to Jared.
My name is Tony and I am a weight loss blogger.

I have done something that few have done. I am doing things that many do not want to do.

And I willing to help. Just not do it for you.

Just like you did not do it for me.

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