If you have not noticed. I have very few pictures of myself at 400 pounds.

I have the one as a chef, a couple from Disneyworld, and one from a wedding.

Believe it or not, I hated taking pictures. It is hard to tell since I have a lot of pictures now. Most of them with a iPhone in front of my face.

It would start arguments when cameras were pulled out. Like I was Sean Penn!

I hated seeing myself. It is one thing when you look in the mirror (You can always look away), but when you have to see yourself next to others, when you see how “big you have gotten” …..it opens eyes.

I never wanted to see it. I would blame restaurants and airlines for making booths and seats ridiculously small.
It was Wal-Marts fault for not carrying my size of shirts.
My pants would rip because they were made poorly.

But pictures tell a thousand words, words I did not want to hear.

That I was accountable, it was not the world who was against me.
Words I should have listened to earlier, but never wanted to hear.

So during my journey I took a lot of pictures. Full body shots. Pictures at the gym. I was not going to take a “Before” picture like on those P90X commercials where they zoom in on the belly, but put 110% into every picture. Flex a little, maybe stand on my toes to show my calf muscles.

And why not! We all should do that. We all should be proud of what we have accomplished.

If you look up, this is the second “Hot Girl MySpace Picture” I have taken. I read an article on AOL a while ago about how girls on MySpace take this type of picture to get guy’s attention. I do not like the picture. It does not show what I have done. How I have transformed myself. It just shows, well, That I am bald.

I am not going to get your attention with this picture, but pictures have made my blog. The gym pictures I have make me credible. I do know what I am talking about. I can accomplish my goals.

They have made The Anti-Jared. They are worth a thousand words….

And now I know I am accountable for every one of them.

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