I have been overweight my whole life.
I have done every diet.
There is nothing new you will tell me about weight loss.

My wife is the opposite.

She has always been active.
She was never overweight.
She has lived in “onederland” her whole life.

Even when I lived in fourville!

My wife has always eaten “healthy”.

I put that in quotations because she eats the way a normal person does. I do not.

Last week she decided to start eating better and moving more.
I felt like everyone else when I questioned her about it. “Why? You really do not need to.”

It is so easy to forget that this is a personal decision.

So I have been helping her.

She is not a “fruits, vegetables and lean meats only” person. She needs a little variety. Although she did eat cauliflower today and decided to tell me 100 times.

We have been looking at labels together. We have been weighing out portions and looking at the value of food.

It is funny. When you put a “portion” of food in front of you, you truly see the calories. 100 calories of crackers is different than the whole box.

It was eye opening for her, and me as well.

I told her a good idea would be to track food. Write down everything. That way, she will appreciate the calories taken in. I told her the best website for that is Sparkpeople.

“What is Sparkpeople?”

I know everything there is to know about blogs and weight loss websites.
I know all the biggies.
I know all the tools.
I know all the tips.

My wife does not.

She loved the site. She was so excited to tell me that there was an app for her Blackberry for Sparkpeople.

I did not have the heart to tell her I knew that. I had the app for my iPhone and was voted a Sparkpeople motivator twice.

But my wife is doing well! She has tracked her food all week.
She is making better choices.
She is not focused as much on the scale as being excited about her choices.
Today she made this pizza that was 200 calories.

Do not ask me what it was, but it looked good.

Helping my wife has helped me as well. I would hate for my wife to be inspired by someone who wears fitness outfits and yells and screams. I feel that I can give better information.

I am glad that I helped!

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