“I have been a lurker for sometime. I just wanted to tell you how great your blog is! Keep it up,you have meant a lot to me!”


We always think of an anonymous comment as a negative one.

The one that someone does not agree with what you wrote, does not have the courage for the backlash, and writes their comment with no name. We all know how they make us feel. We get mad, but yet, deep down, we know how weak those people truly are.

What annoys me though are the positive anonymous comments.

The ones that are great, make you feel good. Yet, you have no idea where they come from.

Why is that? Why do people do them anonymously?

When you become popular, you realize that you will never make everyone happy.

That might have been the hardest thing for me to learn.

There will be posts that will bring out anger and passion in others. Just because you have 1,000 fans does not mean they all have to love you.

I get it. I appreciate it. Putting a name on it makes it more powerful.

So I get the negative ones.

But positive ones? Anonymous positive comments?

It makes no sense.

I get a couple of e-mails a week about my comments on my blog.

Why do I have them turned off?

Were the negative comments getting to me?
Was the spam out of control?
Did I want to rule the world on Facebook and Twitter?

Here are the answers!

Negative comments got to me a couple of years ago. Not after that. Not after I realized that I will not please everyone. For every 200 positive comments I would get one negative one. That is not a bad ratio. Most negative comments were anonymous, but the ones who put their name on them always made me think. It helped me. It has made my blog what it is today.

Spam is out of control these days. So many Chinese words and porn sites. There was no excitement in a comment.

Facebook and Twitter are personal. Everyone who writes a comment has a profile.

They have a face, a story.

I read a lot of them.

I know about Rachel and Susan. Bob and Greg. Jim and Jeanne. Rebecca and Nikki.

It is so easy to comment back on Facebook. With a simple @ I can get any one’s attention on Twitter. I do a lot with my phone so I can stay in the community. To keep myself on track.

Blogger is not the easiest to use.

Plus, there is no more anonymous.

We are quick to put ourselves down. We have a great weigh in and we doubt ourselves. We gain a pound and it is the end of the world. A great comment from someone we know makes us feel great!

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. I think we do not celebrate enough. We are quick to find negatives in ourselves and not the positives.

Just remember, if you do see positive (or negative) in something, put your name by it.

Being anonymous means nothing.

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