“I can not believe there is milk on the floor. Who spilled the milk? I want answers! It is everywhere. What are we going to do about it!”

The other day I was at the gym.
I was working out next to a real pretty woman.

She had make-up on and a tight outfit. Not that I was looking, but it said LOVE on her booty.

She was tall and blonde. In my mind I was wondering a few things…

“Is she stuck up?Probably!”
“She probably thinks she is better than me!”
“Is she going to a club after this?”
“Where are all of her boyfriends at?”
“When is she going to pull out her Smartphone and tweet?”

Then I realized..I am no better than the people who judged me when I was over 400 pounds.

Most of us are not.

People want to live in a judge free place.
You see it all the time.
Bloggers do these “Project” something or “No Negativity Wednesdays”.

People love to question magazine pictures. How someone who is 115 pounds is considered a plus size model. About pictures that are touched up. About Hollywood and what is considered “thin”.

We love to mock MSNBC stories on obesity. We all talk about body issues.

Yet, what are we doing to make it better?

How many people look at someone who is wearing a shirt that is too tight?
A skirt that is too short?
Heels that are too high?

Do you judge? Laugh? Tell your friends?

I used to follow someone on Twitter who was a “mommy fitness” blogger. She would always talk about how women should stick together and support one another.

Something that is so true, yet takes a lot of dedication.

Then one weekend she went to visit Vegas. She was in an elevator and sent this tweet out:

“OMG. Could this skank show any more? Really, could the skirt be any shorter?”

Why does a short skirt make for someone being promiscuous?
Why does a tight shirt look tacky?


Why do we snicker when someone overweight wears “something that is way too small?”

Maybe they lost a lot of weight to wear it?
Maybe it was a gift for them when they dropped 20 pounds?

We don’t know. We judge. We look at all the horror around us yet we do the same thing. We love to talk about the milk on the floor. No one knows who spilled it. No one will admit to it. But it is there.

That woman at the gym. Maybe she came right after work. Maybe she got her workout clothes because they make her feel good. Why would I think she is mean?

There was a 400 pound guy who was called lazy, fat, and stupid. There was no way he could do anything right. He was lucky to be alive.

I think before we can talk about everything wrong, we need to look in the mirror.

I did.

I could care less who spilled the milk.

I am on my hands and knees cleaning it right now.

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