Every week I am going to answer questions.

I posted “Got any questions?” on Facebook and got some great questions to answer!

Before I get into those, I would like to start off with my “I love your blog but…”* question

* There is nothing more insulting that when people write that. It is like saying you want to be friends after a date. Or your parents telling you the divorce is not your fault. Just say the negative, do not backhand me in front of people!

Q: I love your blog but it is really annoying how you talk about your Facebook page ALL THE TIME! I get it, you have a page. Do you need to tweet it or link it in every blog post. DO you need to tell me how many fans you have?600 fans. Close to 700?Uhhh, I will un-follow you if you keep it up.

A: Please…un follow me.

I am my biggest fan. I love my Facebook page. I put a lot of time and thought into it. It is not easy to ask different questions every day. I do not have it just to post links for my blog. I do it so people can interact with each other. Get food and workout ideas from a silly “This or That” question I ask.

I get no money for it. But I know it helps. People have told me they enjoy the little pop up on their Facebook homepage.

If you think this is a narcissistic ploy to be leader of the weight loss bloggers, then you do not need to be here.

In fact, why do you read my blog?

On with the questions…..

Q: Did you lose the first 100 pounds so fast following a commercial program or just your own for of diet & exercise?

A: I lose weight fast in general. I always have. This time, I lost the first 80 pounds doing the Flex plan on WW. I counted and measured everything I ate. Then, I switched to what they call the Core plan, which is eliminating a lot of processed foods. I took it a step further and stuck with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low fat dairy.
I also became very active and my blog and pictures keep me accountable.

Q: what did ya have for dinner? 🙂

A:I had an edamame/garbanzo bean salad I made, 4 eggs, and a frozen banana!

Q:How many times a day do you tweet yourself??

A: This was a pun on words by my friend Stephen, but I will admit that I enjoy Twitter. I can be creative, funny, sill and weird and get good responses. I try to go on there about 30 minutes a day. I also am able to do it from my phone. Stephen, have you heard of the iPhone4, the baddest phone on the planet?

Q:What made you want to make your losing weight story public and why you continue to do so?

A: A great question! I did not want to talk about it for a long time. I am shy and private outside of the blog.
A couple of years ago, when I first posted, I got one comment on a blog. It was that I have a talent for telling a story. I believed it. So I started to do so.
I know it helps, which makes me feel good. Sometimes, my wife is shocked about what I write, but I need to do so. People need to know that there is an alternative to surgery, and it is possible to lose 200 pounds.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Eggs

Q:How much water do you drink in a day?

A: About a gallon. I work out a lot and sweat so I need the fluids. I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that have water in them. I am pretty hydrated.

Q:You sound like you have an addictive personality, and considering your success at loosing and maintaining your weight, will you ever launch a new blog and not be the Anti Jared, since you kinda blew his doors off? When and why did you become interested in gaining muscle. I have yet to see any real benefits of a muscle bound person. Sure, a See Morestronger person, but over muscular people don’t seem to excel at much, other than having big muscles and wearing shirts to the gym that advertise what body part they are working out that day.

A:Another great question. I like The Anti Jared now. Jared is still associated with losing and keeping off 200 pounds, so I think I will always be compared to him.
I have had offers for starting a new blog or website, but I am pretty skeptical. I enjoy my blogspot and Facebook. I think it is great for now.
I love the way I look now. Am I healthy? Healthy is relative, but I know I am healthier than before. It is not easy to gain muscle, and I love challenges. I do love being active.

Q:Did you deal with a lot of mental issues while losing weight? (ie. you still “felt” fat) If yes, how long did it take to realize, mentally, how good you are?

So my trainer is leaving .. and mentally I’m having issues – ie. will the next trainer work for me? Is that normal?

A: In the past, yes. I remember seeing my ribs at 150 pounds and thinking I was fat. It is so mental!
The last two and a half years have been amazing! I feel great, never thought I was fat. I am happy, in a real good place.

Yes, that is normal. but I do not have a trainer.

Q: Can I get a raise?

A: No

Q: Do you remember beat boxing on the school bus?

A: Of course! I am and always have been a huge hip-hop fan. I loved the Fat Boys. Talented and overweight. Just like me then.

Q: Do you feel guilty taking time for you?My mother called me selfish the other day because I took time for me. Funny my husband and kids do not think I am.

A; No, I do not feel guilty. For every hour I spend at the gym I give back three hours to my family. It is a fair trade, to live longer. My wife does not make me feel guilty. Sometimes you need to be selfish to be selfless.

Q:How do you handle negative comments.

A: It is never easy, but the more popular I get, the more negative comments I receive. The beauty is I receive A LOT of positive ones. It is a fair trade off.
I do not let them bother me, but I read them very carefully. Sometimes there is truth in negativity.

Q: How did you meet your wife?

A: On The ABC show The Bachelorette. She picked me out of 30 men.

Q: When is the last time you had a cheesecake?

A: Two and a half years ago at work. As the chef, I had to taste it because I had a complaint that it was bitter. We made it with salt instead of sugar!

Q: What kind of resistance/strength training did you do while losing weight? Or did you stick with 100% cardio

A: Strict cardio for the first 120 pounds lost, then circuit training, then free weights, now cardio and free weights.

The questions I did not answer I will do so next week. I think this will be a fun new feature to the blog. Please, keep on asking!

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