“No, he really knows sports. He writes about Jim Rice and I write about brown rice.”

-Tony on his brother

I was born in Cleveland…..

I cried in 1986 when the Browns lost to the Broncos. I remember yelling “We are going to Pasadena” with a few minutes left. Elway ended that dream with ‘The Drive”. It broke my heart.

“The Fumble” the next year did not make me feel any better.

I cried when Jordan hit “The Shot” over Ehlo in 1989.

You just knew it was going in. It did, one of the best shots in NBA history.
The Cavs had a great team that year. Price, Harper, Daugherty.

I was upset when the Indians lost the two world series in the 90’s they were in.
I got to see a minor league game in Fort Mill, SC that had both Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez playing. I saw what kind of team the Indians were going to have.
I was shocked to see them lose. It was not like they had Cory Snyder in their lineup.

I was upset when the Browns left Cleveland.
I was a huge fan.
I switched my allegiance over to the Carolina Panthers where I lived for well over 15 years.

When the Browns came back it was not the same. Like a blogger who leaves and comes back. You are happy they are back, but it does not feel right.

Cleveland has had Lebron James since 2003. He is by far the most exciting player in the NBA.

Yet every time the Cavs are in the playoffs I know they are going to lose. I have seen it all of my life.

I would love for him to sign with Cleveland, but who knows if he will.

But this is what I do know.

People ask me how I lost weight.

I am from Cleveland……I am used to losing.

Oh, my wife is from Buffalo…….

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